This is obviously a great question to ask especially for a brand new medical transcriptionist just coming into the business. The thought of trying to market yourself and pick up clients can be a very overwhelming thought. With the right marketing and a little patience, it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task.

The most logical step would be to start marketing yourself locally to the doctor offices in your area. Put a ‘feeler’ out there. In other words type up a letter explaining your services (and make sure you have contact information on there also) and send it out. Don’t think that just because you’ve sent out a letter telling about your new medical transcription services that the business is going to start rolling in. It’s not that easy. Your next step, now that you’ve sent a ‘feeler’ out will be to follow up.

When following up you’ll probably want to wait a couple days to give companies time to get your letter. Don’t wait to long but don’t call too quickly either. After a couple days (from when you sent your letter out) go ahead and make some phone calls to the offices. You’ll find that making some follow up phone calls probably gets you a lot farther than having just sent a letter out and not making any phone calls as a follow up.

Now that you’ve placed some phone calls you probably have found that you’ve landed a couple clients. Make sure to take your time, follow the rules and provide outstanding work. If you are unsure of something regarding the way the medical report is to be formatted, etc then make sure you ask for clarification. Once you’ve done a couple jobs for a client you might even find that your business is now growing because of word of mouth. A happy client will more than likely give your name to someone else.

One last thought you should consider – a website. Don’t think that just because you have marketed yourself locally and picked up some local clients that you don’t need a website. Every business should have a website, including you as a medical transcriptionist. Now-a-days it is fairly easy to set one up yourself but if you don’t feel that you have enough knowledge to do it yourself, you can always have one made for you. It’s an important aspect of your business that will benefit you in the long run.

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