A lot of times people confuse a general transcriptionist with a medical or legal transcriptionist. Often times they think that all three things fall under the duty of transcriptionist. In reality, all three areas are very different. In fact in order to provide legal or medical transcription services you generally have to be specialized and have went through some form of schooling.

As a general transcriptionist, you don’t have to be specialized and it doesn’t require any sort of training. You do need to be a fairly decent typist (about 65 or more words per minute), be able to edit your work for spelling and grammar errors and that’s about it.

A general transcriptionist that works from home will more than likely provide their services to those that are looking to have things like teleconferences, podcasts or interviews transcribed.

As a transcriptionist you can make a decent income if you want to. It’s all about putting time and effort into marketing yourself and persevering to build up that business. You won’t become rich overnight, but eventually you can make a nice income.

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