If you enjoy making beautiful craft items and sharing your ideas with other crafting people, a craft blog may be just what you need. How would you also like to make money while you are journaling, or blogging, about your crafts? You can do that when you set up your blog using easy to learn, free applications such as WordPress or Blogger.com. You’ll choose a colorful template that you can adapt to your own personal tastes. You’ll also design your template to help exhibit your crafts by using items such as:

Photos: You’ll want to exhibit beautiful photos of the craft items, before, during, and after completion. If you are turning “trash into treasure”, the before pictures can be especially valuable in describing your craft. Also include photos of each stage during the creation of your masterpiece. That will get people flocking to your blog in no time. Be sure to use a high quality digital camera to highlight your crafts every detail.

Describe the materials: When your readers look at the pictures of your crafts, they want to know exactly what materials they are looking at and where they can buy them. Be specific, using familiar names, even brand names, of the materials, specific colors, sizes, and shapes. The reader can then find the exact items they are looking for at their local craft stores or online. Detailed descriptions of materials used also helps by telling the internet search engines which items you’re discussing on your blog. Google.com ™ will then begin to send people to your blog when people search for items using words you mentioned in your description.

Include a lesson: If you have a craft that is quite involved, or possibly very popular, you may want to include a simple “How To”, or lesson on one or more portions of the craft. Your fellow crafters may like to expand on your craft, making it uniquely theirs for gift-giving or personalizing. A technique or craft that is yours alone may even be worth a patent. That way you can actually sell the instructions or technique to an interested reader at a reasonable price.

Materials needed: Include a list of what materials were used to make the crafts on your blog. That tells the viewer what went into the crafting of each piece, what they will need to make their own and where they can find the materials to do so. Be sure to give a thorough description of each material, amounts needed and measurements. This helps your readers duplicate the crafts more easily – which will better ensure their success.

Selling crafts: One of the best ways to see a return on your time investment with crafting is to offer certain items for sale on your blog. Why not offer custom made or personalized items to your readers? Holidays and birthdays are great times for your readers to purchase your unique, specialized crafts. You can sell them directly on the blog or include a link to outside auction sites like eBay.com or Etsy.com. You can also sell your own craft patterns, advertising space on your website and more.

When you craft, you know you’ve put in more than time, patience, and talent. You’ve invested your hard-earned money, too. Learn how blogging about your crafts can turn your interests into a money making venture. Why shouldn’t you share your love of crafting with the whole world and make money in the process!

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