Well, after much soul searching and gauging Charlotte and the Kindergarten scenario, I’ve decided not to give things a go for another term. Not long into the holidays Charlotte was already asking about Kinder and was relieved when I said it wasn’t on for quite awhile.

Several days before the start of  this term, I started talking up the whole Kinder experience and everytime I was hit After 5 days of processing in a 10 day index build
with a brick wall. The subject would be changed rapidly as if  I hadn’t spoken OR her face would drop and Charlotte would talk about not having to or wanting to go. She looked genuinely worried.

For Easter my Mum, Charlotte’s Nanna gave Charlotte some painted chicken eggs of the hard boiled variety not the blown ones. I’ve always wanted to do both and Charlotte wanted to try, so we boiled some eggs, got out the food dye and away we went.

I loved the effect and with the left over dye I decided to paint a loo (toilet) roll. The effect was magical and it wasn’t long before Charlotte had popped the eggs into the upturned rolls to create a lovely decoration. I love them so much that I’m finding it hard to depart with the one I made so I will have to learn to do egg blowing soon, so that they can be kept once decorated.

Charlotte had no problems letting go of  her artwork on the left of the photo below.

I’m wondering how long this one can be kept before it gets too old. So far there are no signs of  it deteriorating, so I’ll go with the flow. I’m sure the smell will permeate the house once it’s ready to be turfed out. LOL

It’s been far too long since I wrote anything here. Not good!  We’ve had some adventures, though with our first trip to Western Australia and Charlotte’s first ever flight. Thank heavens both journey’s were smooth relatively speaking.

Charlotte was nervous even scared at times, but I’m quite the flying veteran so was able to talk her through all the lumps and bumps and possibilities both good and bad ie good : lovely staff , new experiences. Bad : turbulence, strange noises etc.

It is hard to calm someone when you’re nervous yourself. Take off and landing always make me somewhat antsy and I like a bit of  turbulence, but it still puts me on edge. No, I can’t figure that one either. LOL

The purpose of  our 3-4hr flight was to visit my lovely brother for his 50th birthday celebrations. We had a lovely taster of  Perth wandering about for a few hours although the hostel for the night was rather divey. The brochure made it look like a palace and it did have potential, but our room left much to be desired. (more…)

Yes, 10 steps back not just one. Before Charlotte started Kinder I commented to my Mum that She may need to stay here at our home with Charlotte on Mondays (my supposed work day) rather than taking Charlotte back to her place.

Now did I bring that into existence with my thoughts or was I just being a tuned in Mum? Maybe a mixture of  both.

Anyway, last Monday Charlotte was beside herself verging on hysterical once She hopped into Mum’s car. She had 071/365 Crying
an iron grip on me and no matter what was said, She wasn’t going to let go and everytime I tried to prise her hands off me, She clung even tighter. Ouch! And cried uncontrollably with panic written all over her face.

Leaving Is Usually Smooth

Mostly, Charlotte goes off quite well to Mums. She looks sad at times, but goes without too much fuss nonetheless. After trying to negotiate for maybe 10 minutes I asked Mum if  She could stay at our place whilst I got some work done. Mum was not happy and commented that Charlotte has me wrapped around her little finger. I said ‘And so She should have, She is only 4 yrs old!’ It is so rare for Charlotte to be that upset, so I wasn’t about to ignore her. She even verbalised that I was hurting her feelings and making her sad.Watch movie online Get Out (2017)

If  it was a friend or family member or any adult for that matter, I would not be ignoring their feelings, so why should I ignore my daughters feelings during these incredibly informative years? (more…)

I don’t quite recognise my own child here. Charlotte was having such a wonderful time at her friends home.  And so was I just watching her. This getup brought a smile to my dial, that’s for sure.

Dressing for the occasion.

Have a wonderful time checking out more Wordless Wednesday posts at 5minutesformom

Another fizzer. Actually, I enjoyed being at the Kinder having kids including my own, hang off me for awhile and it was full on with the Roster duties, too. Charlotte wouldn’t go outside, no matter how much we adults encouraged her. She wanted my presence and for that I am grateful BUT there are some friendships to be made and there is fun to be had.

I have to say, She did look very happy & content playing on her own. Just being in the company of  other children is fine for some children and whilst I was doing my chores, Charlotte did join in with the indoor activities. She was very accepting of the fact that I couldn’t be with her constantly playing and had to tend to other children and Charming Your Chores: Scrub That Floor!

This evening I opened a conversation with her about next week and I need to find an appropriate incentive, so that I can leave the Kinder again as I did in week #3. Not a bribe. It’s a fine line, but even we adults need incentives to keep us focused. Charlotte tells me She feels sad and that it’s hard to explain. My answer to her is ‘Yes, you feel sad, but it’s okay to feel that way because there will also be times where you feel happy and excited’. I totally understand. I feel sad, too. Not just about leaving Charlotte at Kinder, but all manner of  things. It’s part of  the human condition, right?  Yes, She may be picking up on my feelings, but there is more going on for her and I need and want to be sensitive to that.

We’ll get there, wherever ‘there’ is. For now, we’ll just keep the conversation open and continue going along to Kindergarten. It’s a nice place to hang out.

I’m blessed to have a 4 yr old who can express her feelings even though it can be a struggle and by the way, She does mix with other children without me around, but it is usually when She is familiar with the adults and child/children and definitely in a smaller setting. Big groups have never been Charlotte’s forte.

Creative Commons License photo credit: queercatkitten

Time for a catch up to add to my Kindergarten series, I think. I’m quite unwell whilst writing, so thought I’d do this in point form.

Week #1 : We had two sessions of 2 hrs duration. Parents stayed. This was a lovely way to meet some Mums and get to see how the Director and Assistant operate. Charlotte stuck close to me.

Week#2  : Two 3 hr sessions. Parents could stay or leave. I was surprised at how many left. I invited a lost looking little one to join us at our play. She and Charlotte forged a friendship. I was very pleased. (more…)

I’ve captured the evidence on camera. This fairy was caught picking flowers in the garden. I couldn’t get a shot of  her face ’cause I didn’t want to frighten her off, so I crept up behind and took this snap. Now I’ll just kick back and wait to become famous for my discovery.

Hard to believe it’s the same little girl that’s  in my ‘Children With Focus‘ post.

Thanks to 5minutesformom for Wordless Wednesday

Have you ever heard of  ‘A Complaint Free World’ founded by Will Bowen? Here’s an exerpt from the website :

‘Will Bowen is the Lead Minister of One Community Spiritual Center in Kansas City, MO. In July 2006 he suggested his congregation use purple bracelets to monitor their success at eradicating complaining from their lives. His idea exploded around the world and more than 6 million purple Complaint Free bracelets have been sent to people in A Complaint Free World Bracelet
over 106 countries.’

For more information click on the link to the website further down the page.

About two years ago I ordered a bracelet to join millions of others who wanted to improve their lives based on Wills philosophy which he has based around Maya Angelou’s philosophy.  The idea of the bracelet is to change it from one wrist to another when you catch yourself complaining and gradually become aware of just how much you do complain and as you become more aware, the less you complain.

My Confession

I have to confess, that I haven’t worn the bracelet much because I know I can be a complainer. I hear myself sometimes and just don’t know how to stop and frankly the band was being transferred from wrist to wrist too frequently. You’re supposed to eventually change the habit of complaining and the general consensus is that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. 21 days doesn’t seem much, but I think it is. Oops, there’s a complaint right there or am I just stating how it is for me? It’s a fine line sometimes. (more…)

As I was doing some dishes,  I was pondering my next post. Dishes done, Charlotte tucked up in bed, I decided to check into Twitter before blogging and there was a tweet from Squigglemum leading to her post not dissimilar to the one I have been formulating in my head. Both of  us require some help with our very focussed children.

I urge you to read up and leave some advice for Squigglemum, but first, I would love some advice for myself. My quandary is what to do when my child is sooo very focussed on playing one game with variations to it that I am just about to pull her, sorry, pull my hair out? 🙂

I have tried redirecting with a small amount of  luck, but it is hit and miss. (more…)

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