Heading home from dinner at a local restaurant on our 7th (getting together) Anniversary. The game continued on outside at home using a torch.

For more great Wordless Wednesday posts head to 5minutesformom. I’m not very good at making them completely wordless.

Well, we didn’t get that last trip in at the snowfields as a family. The weather was too poor so we had to let it go.

I’m certainly well satisfied. We are never guaranteed a good dump of  snow and in fact, very often it’s every second or third year that is good so we made the most of  it this year that’s for sure. I was disappointed that we couldn’t do an overnighter in a lodge. In peak season you can’t book just one night on the weekend and we couldn’t quite afford two nights.

Onto Other Great News

My latest, greatest news is that I will be attending the Passion Test Facilitators course in January next year. That’s not far away, really. I feel excited and nervous about the whole event but definitely passionate about attending. I had to do a fair bit of sweet talking for Peter to see it as a good thing. It’s not cheap especially adding in the flying or driving to Sydney from Melbourne & staying in hotels, but in the scheme of  things I know it will be money well spent. (more…)

My poor neglected blog 🙁

Last time I mentioned that my blog needs renovations http://gippsygirl.com/2010/renovations/ and here it is many weeks down the track STILL needing me to take care of it.  Actually, that’s how it is with our home. A flurry of work, then nothing for awhile.

This post is just to keep you updated with what I am up to. I’ve been learning all about building small niche websites and enjoying, thoroughly, the different way of doing  Affiliate Marketing.  It seems to suit me well & my partner is finally onboard and even learning alongside me. (more…)

Not only are we doing some renovations to our old home which is not old to us having only lived in it just over 3 years, but renovations to my blog are also in order. My way of saying I need to write a blog post or two. I’ve been MIA (Missing In Action). It’s so darned easy to get caught up in excuses as to why you can’t do a blog post, then time just flies by. (more…)

I’d like this post to be about sharing the funniest or most intelligent comments your child has ever said.

I know I am so proud of  Charlotte’s ability to articulate her feelings since She was able to talk and even before talking with her own style of sign language when I think about it. So here are some comments that have been particularly noteworthy.

Having said that, I tend to jot down most of  the things Charlotte says. Noteworthy to me, but maybe not always to someone else. (more…)

Fun for Charlotte and her little friend on a cold, Autumn day. We had a ball just watching them play happily.

Time to visit 5minutesforMom to see what other WW posts are up. I haven’t visited in awhile.

I had an epiphany after my last coaching session with Kelly McCausey from Mom Masterminds. She suggested I clear some buttons off my blog and start promoting only those things that I feel good about. Not that I didn’t feel good about the ones I’ve removed, but I feel even better about the current ones.Epiphany 5-8:365

Now that there are only 3 buttons on the sidebar I feel so much lighter.  As blogs go, I wasn’t overly extravagant with things, but  it must have been crowding my mind all the same.

I’ve been having fun writing the odd blog post, but it suddenly dawned on me that yes, I did start blogging so as I could also make some money. I’ve been having so much fun (once I get down to it)  writing all about what’s happening in my life and forgetting to make mention of  some great programs I’m involved with. I’ve written about them here and there, but I really want to get the word out more because I do believe in them.Watch movie online The Lego Batman Movie (2017)Watch movie online Logan (2017)

I’m not a pushy kind of  gal, but I do believe in promoting things if  I’ve had a positive experience.  And that goes for anything whether I’m going to make a buck from it or not.  A good analogy might be when I find a gorgeous item at an Op shop and I often do. I just can’t help blurting out to people that this lovely item cost me only X amount of dollars from the second hand store.

So, I’ll be shouting out a bit more often from here on in, about those things I’m an Affiliate for because I believe in them wholeheartedly. I’ll also shout out about just good ole bargains whether I’m an Affiliate or not.

So today’s shout out is for Mom Masterminds. One of the best WAHM (but not only) forums for me as a newbie and for those already established in their online business.

Currently, the savvy women at MM are having a Ten Day May Madness sale and it ends on the 20th May. Mom Masterminds have a great $5 deal for you and $5 is all you’lly pay for any of  the products. Hurry there before it all ends.

Editing : The 20th has been and gone, in case you haven’t looked at a calendar lately which I doubt, especially if  you’re a business person. lol  Sooo, the May Madness Sale is over until next year.

My disclaimer here : I might benefit financially if you do purchase anything through my link, but I wouldn’t be raving on if  I didn’t think it was all worthwhile, so it’s not just about the money.

Creative Commons License photo credit: MyNameIsSQ

Are you ready for some fantastic deals? Mom Mastermind members are up to it again this year with their Ten  Day May Madness deals. Everything goes for just $5. You possibly know by now that MomMasterminds is one of  my favourite Forums and the women are an awesome bunch to hang out with.save $$$

They know their work inside and out and have a wealth of  good, sound information to share with you. So, hit the link here : Ten Day May Madness to see some of  the great deals on offer. Don’t forget, it only lasts from the 10th May- 20th May.

So why are these women offering these crazy $5.00 deals? It’s because these Mom Masterminds members are some of the smartest internet marketing mums you will ever meet – and turning you into a customer is never crazy. It’s Savvy Business Sense.

Wouldn’t you like to get to know these women better? Take advantage of the sale and join Mom Masterminds NOW. You will only pay $5.00 for your first month and then $44.97 a month to continue your membership instead of  the usual $49.97 per month. Now that’s a great deal!

Have fun and Happy purchasing 🙂

This sale is now over until next year, but I will always highly recommend becoming a member of  Mom Masterminds.

Creative Commons License photo credit: TheTruthAbout…

Disclaimer : I appreciate you visiting my blog and you just need to know that if  you click and purchase through my links, I may receive a commission as an Affiliate.

Thanks for stopping by. Christine (aka gippsygirl)

I finally (partly) watched  ‘Avatar’ the other night and have to say, I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. ‘Partly watched’ because I was working on my computer at the time. The lounge was the cosiest place in this cold, old house with a lovely log fire burning, so that’s where I was going to sit and attempt to do my work.

I was curious about the movie aswell with all the raves it was getting from people who said they weren’t particularly into sci-fi. So my curiosity got the better of  me. There were some interesting, almost touching scenes. I know for sure now we be talkin' sci fi!
that one quite powerful part would have thrown me into a full on panic attack on a big screen at the cinema because I could feel the signs taking place just watching on our small screen tv. It came after a particularly violent part of the movie which is another reason why I only ‘partly watched’.

This brings me to the reason for my blog post. (more…)

What better place to share my feelings than on my blog. Feelings that are all over the place to say the least. One minute  life is great and I can conquer the world and in a nanno second I’m all down and in a complete funk.

Know what I mean? I’m angry, happy, sad, angry, happy, sad.  Anger usually just masks hurt so I’ve read, but it’s a toughie to express. Of all our emotions, it can be the most destructive or that’s how it feels to me. Just a few words orDSCN8924.JPG
a look can irreversibly hurt someone especially our children and I’ve thrown a few looks Charlotte’s way lately. Now add guilt into the mix. LOL  Let me balance it by saying those looks have come back at me, too. I am seeing Charlotte reflect my negative behaviour, which doesn’t please me.

Some Suggestions Are Ridiculous

Advice from others for anger is to go for a walk, take a drive, hit some pillows. PLEASE! I have a 4 year old, so doing the first two is not something I can be spontaneous about. Pillow hitting never worked. Too passive. Throwing a few plates and YELLING at the same time might help, but that’s out too. What can I do? Yes, walk away from the situation when possible and most of  the time it is. Oops! Better be honest here. I storm away, not walk. (more…)

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