Hi & welcome to my blog. Glad you found me and I hope you’ll grab a cuppa, kick back and stay awhile.

My name is Christine.

The name Gippsygirl has kinda two meanings and it was quite a process to come to this name. I live in West Gippsland, Australia & it is often affectionately called West Gippy by locals. When running the name by a friend She accidentally added the ‘s’ to make it Gippsygirl which suited. I’ve always been a gipsy & coming from West Gippy the name seemed to work for me with the ‘s’ in it and two different meanings.


About Me

I have always dreamed of being a WAHM (‘Work At Home Mum’ for those new to the term). I promised myself that once I became a Mum, I would find some way of making money from home, so I could delight in all the up to the minute changes in my children. Trouble is, I’ve been travelling so much that I haven’t really had a homebase until I became a Partner &  Mum and then I needed to settle into Motherhood with my one and only child. Does one ever really settle into it?

I knew in my heart that one day, something would present itself that I could really get stuck into and feel passionate about. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to Motherhood which means I’m a late bloomer when it comes to learning how to run a business seeing as travel took precedence, but I’m also a big believer in the old adage that ‘It’s never too late’.  I’ve got a lot of  life experience under my belt which surely must account for something.

In For A Surprise

Well, little did I know that this passion I knew existed would be in the realm of computing. I am so NOT a techno chick! But do you know what? It’s really starting to take hold of me, this blogging world. I started researching ideas for online work just over a year ago and somehow I came upon a WAHM site, then that led me onto another WAHM site and so on. I feel like I am now on the biggest learning curve outside Motherhood and since leaving school at 15, that I’ve ever experienced and I’m lovin’ it! It’s overwhelming, but for a change I’m not running away from the challenges. I’m determined to be a living example to my daughter of someone who can stand on her own two feet, well, with the help of my family& friends..…you get the drift? We all need help & support along the way.

Some of my loves are Photography, bush walking, moon & star gazing, Op shopping, being a Mum of course and I think I can now add writing to the mix. I can’t forget the Law of Attraction either. I am proud to say I have sold my Photographic works and have been successful in a few Exhibitions over the years. I would like to ramp it up and get a bit more serious about selling my Photography, too. The bushwalking, well, it has been on hold, but I intend getting back into it one of these days. I’m often out in the wee hours looking at the moon & stars with camera in hand. I just love the night skies here in West Gippy 🙂 Anywhere, really. I love a bargain, so Op (Charity) shopping goes down a treat.

That’s just a snippet of who I am. I look forward to seeing how this life as a blogger unfolds and hope you can come along for the journey. Get to know me some more as I get to know myself, check out where I might be going, share in some opinions on lifes topics. I might even add a dash of humour, so be prepared and take a peek at some of my posts.

Thanks for checking in.

WAHM Christine alias Gippsygirl.

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