I’d like to give a warm and excited welcome to 2012! Happy New Year to everyone reading this.

It’s now day 3 in my neck of the woods and I have a pretty good feeling about this year. Having a cheque coming from America from some Amazon Affiliate sales AND selling some things on Ebay to take me into the new year, is a pretty good omen financially speaking.

I can honestly say last year was my most unhappy year ever and although I’m not out of the woods emotionally by Lisaany stretch of the imagination, I have always (okay, NEARLY always, well here and there. lol. ) had a sense that I am living into a much better life once my inside world comes to terms with being slapped down again and again and once I’m ‘used to’ single motherhood. You have to get rid of the old, unsupportive energy coming from people and although the circumstances for doing so were and still are, extremely painful, I still know it is my time.

I’m heading up to 50 in approximately 17 months and it’s important to take the right people with me into the next phase of life. Some unsupportive people are unfortunately, still having to be in my life but I will keep them on the periphery as best as possible. Well, it’s just one person rather than some people really. I’m trying to be diplomatic for God knows what reason but it’s my blog so I’ll write what I want to aswell! lol.

2011 was terribly difficult and devastating for so many folks. Unfortunately,  it wasn’t easy to cope with issues, but major butt kicking, hard to cope with ones. I know some people won’t take the lessons and move forward ( Ok, I know of one ) and for others I really have no idea how you could possibly work out any lesson quite frankly and my heart goes out to you, but for those who can, I sure hope you will come with me, take the bull by the horns and move forward.

It’s a slow process, I know. The old saying : one step forward, two steps back wasn’t conjured up for no reason. Or : one step in front of the other. I prefer the latter.  At least with that saying I’m continually moving forward, even if it does feel like I’m climbing Mt. Everest at times.

It is supposedly the end of the world (again) this year. lol. Bear with me because it does tie in. My take on that old clap trap is that it is perhaps the end of the world as we know it. In other words, we need to start living a completely different life which brings an end to the world we are used to living into.

Sometimes we have to be slapped pretty darn hard to propel our lives forward. A trusty, loving Clairvoyant/Healer I spoke to at length with this year and have consulted with in the past, commented that I needed the thwack otherwise I’d still be in the situation I was in (which really wasn’t leading me anywhere but down). Hmmm. I kinda didn’t need to hear that on one level, but it made painful sense on another.

Thanks Claire http://www.facebook.com/coboltwebsite and I mean that sincerely.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Do leave a comment about anything you like relating to my blog, but keep it clean if you can. Hard at times, I know, when expressing raw emotions!

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