Since my last post which was somewhat cathartic for me, I’ve decided to really start helping myself by flooding my mind with uplifting, LOA (Law Of Attraction) webinars, podcasts, video’s & books along with doing my homework for my Ebay training which is also run by a couple of inspiring folks and Aussies to boot. More on them at a later date. You name it, I want to listen to it and read it if it’s uplifting and/or has some educational value.

I have always loved reading autobiographies and wondered what makes people tick. Why are some folks wildly successful and others (myself included) strugglers and stuck? They seem to find their pot of gold in more ways than one. I don’t have the answers here, but I’m certainly learning some from other people

I’m sick of struggling and feeling stuck. For many years I’ve felt unfulfilled in life even when I’m doing amazing things. I’ve travelled the world and the old saying ‘wherever you go, you take yourself with you’ seems so appropos. In other words, my depression and way of relating in the world doesn’t go just because I’m travelling the world! And, no, I wasn’t ‘running away’. I was just living life and not so successfully at times. I won’t be too hard on myself.ย  Most people probably have some things they would do differently if they could revisit the moment.

I’ve also believed and felt that there is more to me than I have ever tapped into and that is part of my depression. I become excited, then overwhelmed with the possibilities, then do nothing significant, then get depressed ๐Ÿ™ I think that’s the order it goes in.

As a result I’ve spent my life being tired and even exhausted. I have avoided having tests for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and saying that I have CFS because I know I would buy into that, but I definitely have CFS moments, symptoms and many of them.

So helping myself with ANYTHING is better than doing nothing and I’m loving the availability ofย  LOA information on the World Wide Web which has always been a passion of mine. This year feels like THE year to make some real inner changes and start truly living into the life I’m meant to live. I can’t put it off and pfaff around the edges anymore so here are some of the people I like to follow that appear to me to be successful that I can learn from and you, too. It’s not that they don’t have down times, but they seem to cope with them and move through them differently.

Firstly, some more Aussies. I subscribed to Natalie & Ryans Mind Movies and purchased this product a long time ago. Natalie Ledwell now has a great show The interviews are around 15 mins and chockers ( ‘full’ for those who are unfamiliar with the term) with inspiring content. Episode #58 with Mercedes Maidana inspired the hell out of me particularly because I can relate closely to her story. In episode #60 Natalie is interviewing another amazing woman that I’ve had the pleasure ofย  listening to in a couple of live seminars in Melbourne, Loral Langemeier. Loral almost scares me because She is so powerful!

So that’s my bit of link love for today. I know I’ll have more down the track but there’s plenty here to keep you going.

Enjoy the share.

Photo : Copyright: C. Holroyd

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