I have been decluttering (which is a fairly regular occurrence) and reorganising my home with help from my Mum 🙂 I’m feeling like I can’t conduct an orderly business if other areas of my life are not somewhat orderly. My head gets to a point where it feels like it’s going to explode! Now, I don’t mean so orderly that visitors are scared to move for fear of messing the place up but certainly more organised than things have been lately.

I don’t mind if there are lots of craft items about and a few toys or the odd book especially like the one I found here.  That isn’t clutter to me but a reminder that I have a beautiful child who loves to be creative. The type of clutter I’m talking about are clusters of paperwork, laundry and clothes not put away, clothes that are no longer worn, dishes in the sink.

There’s still a way to go and I have a room full of boxes that need to be unpacked, but at least boxes can be placed neatly together. I’ve been here for almost 6 months and my lease is due for renewal which means I’ll be signing on for another 12 months all being well, so I’ve deliberately not unpacked some things until I feel more secure here.

One of the places I tidied was the garage. It’s a drive in garage and the door leads to my kitchen/living area so it’s the first place I see when I arrive home and the last place when I leave so I like that first impression to be fairly neat and tidy. I open the garage now and feel good whereas before it was a bug bear.

How do you feel about this topic? Can you work well with, and tune out to, clutter around you? Do you clean and tidy yourself or have a professional cleaner come in? I’m working towards getting a cleaner just here and there for the usual housework to free myself up and to know that my home has had a thorough clean. Wish me luck with that goal.

Update : Well, the above was written sometime ago. QUITE sometime! At the end of  January. Eek! I did sign on for a year in this lovely home just a couple of weeks ago and I am definitely feeling more secure. I’ve just had another clearing/filing session with paperwork. It builds up so quickly. And, I can start unpacking more boxes. I haven’t had a cleaner in, but have been more pro active myself.  However, I know exactly who I will be calling on when the time comes.

Another ongoing issue that constantly plagues me is the build up of emails at my inbox. That definitely clutters my mind and distracts me from concentrating on business. So if you have any input as to how to keep on top of that side of  life but please don’t recommend a tool that I have to learn to use, your comments will be much appreciated.


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