Yesterday was a really big day. Not sure if my partner was more nervous than me or the other way around. I think he might have been given he was the one going ‘under the knife’.

We’d waited a few weeks, Peter had done all the tests required and finally the day came for his stent operation. We headed off early for the Medical Centre which is over an hours drive away. An easy drive ’cause we managed to miss peak hour traffic plus finding a car park on site is not a problem and reasonably cheap. Even if it was costly, I’d pay for the convenience, though.

We literally walked in the door and Peter’s phone rang. It was the hospital saying the op had to be postponed until next Monday. There must have been an emergency. It does state in the notes that this can happen and you pray it doesn’t, but….it did. But really, just as we had arrived? Arrgghh! What a let down. There’s a lot of anticipation & angst around any sort of op but particularly one relating to the heart.

The irony was that Peter spoke to someone from the hospital when we were only half way there and She apparently should have put Peter through to someone else. Communication breakdown.

Peter turned around to leave for home straight away, but I had just driven all the way there and suggested a coffee so we sat down and drank what must have been the worst coffee I’ve ever had. It seemed silly to waste the day especially when we rarely have time together without Charlotte so I suggested we go shopping for spices in the local Asian stores.

Perfect thing to do! It lifted our spirits somewhat. There were so many spices at dirt cheap prices to choose from and I asian spices
think we purchased from most of the stores. The other great thing was the Op (Opportunity not operation lol) shopping.
One of my passions. By the days end even I was Op shopped out but not before some great purchases were made and I was surprised at Peter’s enthusiasm for the Op shopping, too.

Despite feelings of being incredibly let down and it came in waves throughout the day for me, we managed to make the most of our time together. Events took a bit of a nosedive later in the day, but balanced out again in the evening.

One of the things that helped me overcome the disappointment was knowing   that postponing Peter’s appointment meant someone with a more serious problem may have filled it and a life may have been saved.

So we now wait to go through the angst again next Monday and this time we’ll phone the hospital prior to leaving. Of course emergencies can still happen but we’ll be more prepared for the possibility next time.

NB : Op shops here in Australia are called Thrift stores in other countries.

Creative Commons License photo credit: EvinDC

Creative Commons License photo credit: arepa182

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