Do you just look at your kids sometimes and become overwhelmed by their beauty? I did tonight whilst Charlotte was sleeping. She’d just awoken very restless and in tears which happens once every blue moon, then She fell back to sleep.

Sleeping treasure

Her little cheeks were red, lips full and big, blue eyes were closed (almost). Her eyelids weren’t quite shut and I could see Charlotte’s eyeballs through the slits. I’m just gobsmacked when I look at her and that’s not just tonight or only when She’s sleeping, of course. Our children are so precious and at the moment with all the life changes for us, it doesn’t take much to move me to tears.

Charlotte had her 6th birthday a few days ago and suddenly She’s so much more grown up. She was always at the very least, 2 yrs ahead of her time. One of those children that everyone said from birth including the nurses “Has been here before”. I used to look at my little bundle and always felt that She was so much older. It was an odd feeling, I can tell you, particularly when Charlotte had such a pixie face. People would ask which part of the garden She came from. Now that She’s 6, She seems to be going on 8 or 9 all of a sudden!

Forward a few weeks : We’ve been searching for a new home and today Charlotte and I checked out a reasonable place. We came away and Charlotte said “I think I could live there quite comfortably for awhile.” See? Going on 8 or 9. Not really a 6 yr old comment.

I just wanted to share my feelings as a Mum here at my blog and I know you will also relate whether you are a proud Mum, Dad, Aunt, Uncle etc. Our kids are so special, aren’t they? And worth treasuring. Make sure you tell them you love them as much as you want and kiss the little angels goodnight, everynight. I’m always planting a kiss on Charlotte’s gorgeous face well after She’s fallen to sleep ’cause I believe She will know and feel my love whilst dreaming in the land of nod.






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