I thought I’d chat about  a visitor to our home in this post. About a year ago, a lovely, healthy looking cat turned up at our place. It was literally a scaredy cat ( like me on yachts) but it continued to visit. I’m pretty certain it was the main perpetrator for spraying on the back door and stinking our home out from time to time.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Anyway, to fast track forward, in more recent times the cat stopped running away at the drop of  a hat & would sit and stare me in the eye if I stayed very still. Any move toward it and off it would flee. Then one day I was outside with Charlotte and the cat was under the car. I just bent down and called it over, it came to us and the rest is history. We have a ‘new’ pet.

No matter what time of day or night I go out and I do go out to look at the stars at some very odd times, the cat seems to magically appear. Now it’s a healthy looking specimen, so I’m pretty sure someone owns it although it seems to be perpetually hungry.

When I can get my act together, I will take a pic and do a letterbox drop to see if I can find the owner, not to complain but to find out what the cats name is because it really has settled in and is welcome. I’ve even given up on shooing it out of the house if it gets in, as of today. I also want to make sure that someone isn’t missing their beloved pet at the same time.

It does disappear for a little bit here and there and I’m pretty certain it has gone home. It’s a great way to have a pet but our other two cats are not particularly fond of it whereas this cat would be happy to eat from the same bowl as ours and it has tried to no avail!

Animal friends

The thing I like the most about our guest is that Charlotte loves it & the cat seems to feel the same way toward her. It nuzzles in and even wanders around on the trampoline with Charlotte when She is on all fours playing animals (which is most of the time!)

The thing I like the least is that having one more animal under my feet doesn’t really help my stress levels when they’re up, but I did encourage it in the first place. More because it was coming here anyway, so may aswell make friends and we don’t seem to have the spray quite as often nowadays which is a bonus.

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