Zucchini and two varieties of tomato. Part of the bounty from our garden

I got today’s blog inspiration whilst weeding and harvesting some of our veggies from the back garden last night. We just love going ‘shopping ‘ in the back yard. We also grow silverbeet, corn which doesn’t seem to be faring aswell this year perhaps due to the unusual tropical conditions in our part of Australia. We grow snowpeas or mange tout as they can be known. Plus different herbs : fennel, Vietnamese mint, chamomile (which is pretty to look at but I haven’t ever used it) & lavender for potpourri and to display in our vases.

Almost ready for our first harvest of grapes

The driveway is about to get messy.

AND we grow fruit which is dotted about the place : the grapes on the front porch and plums far too close to the driveway are not quite ready, but we’ve had some lovely rasberries and the thornless blackberries are ready but too bitter to eat. Maybe next year will be the year for them. Our blueberries are slow and the Gojiberry tree isn’t going anywhere, but you never know. It seems to be just hanging in there however lemons & limes are abundant!

I just came across this website called Aussie Gardening. Seems to have a lot of great resources.  I’ve only skimmed over it and will have to revisit. Enjoy and I hope you get inspired to grow your own fruit and veggies. It really is a rewarding way to live.

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