At last!

After weeks of  waiting ‘The stent op’ took place  successfully today. I’m writing this at home after a very emotional day not helped in any way by my conversations with Peter into the wee hours (3 AM), then being woken again at 5 AM by little Miss Charlotte. Not for long, but woken out of a deep sleep.

Sony viejoPeter phoned the hospital BEFORE leaving this time. Highly recommended! We were able to leave later  for a midday booking rather than 10 AM. Once again, it was a hassle free journey and not raining this time which also made life on the road a fair bit easier.

Peter was whisked away quickly with me in tow for the pre meds, but after that things slowed down somewhat.  At least we knew the operation was going to happen. I kept asking Peter if  he felt dopey yet and his comment was ‘No more than usual’. I guess he could also have responded with “I don’t think dopey would like me feeling him”. Bad joke but I need the light relief at the moment! And it’s my blog so I’ll write what I like. lol.

With operations I usually wait until after the person has gone before bawling my eyes out, but it was all too much and they flowed a bit earlier as I kissed Peter farewell and the tears kept coming on and off all day until at last the stents were in place. There was a mixture of  emotions : anxiety, sadness, fear & finally relief.

The procedure was longer and more needed doing than first thought so the Surgeon ( a lovely, French-Canadian fella that also did the Angiogram a few weeks prior) got it over and done with in one fell swoop to save us yet another journey back to the hospital.

Where Did He Go?

Even though Peter waved hello after the op from his trolley bed, he was wheeled away at lightning speed and I was left feeling a bit bewildered and angry that I couldn’t find him. There were only two places he could be, but I just wished the communication was more forth coming. Hmmm! I seem to recall the c word coming up in my last post about our trip to the Medical Centre. Good communication goes a long way.

Once I located Peter, I wasn’t allowed to be with him. Sad face. I was ushered to the waiting room. It turned out there was quite a bit of chest pain experienced after the op and plenty of concern so I can forgive the lack of  the c word in this particular instance.

Eventually, I was called upon but with strict orders to sit quietly & read without engaging Peter. Ha! I did my duty, but Peter was totally chatty. I had to keep telling him to rest up and stop talking. What a turnaround. I’m the one with the reputation for being chatty so how dare he steal my thunder! lol.

I was relieved actually and his pain was no longer there once I arrived. Must be something to do with my calming influence. NOT! Although having someone familiar with you after a major procedure can probably go a long way to aiding the healing process.

By the end of the evening, we were cracking some pretty bad jokes and having quite a laugh. After sharing a couple of trays of food together (I ate the food Peter isn’t currently able to eat ) I trekked home rather reluctantly knowing that I have to trek back again within a short space of  time.

Our sweet little Charlotte is now in bed after having a great day with her Nanna (my Mum) and I am revelling in the peace and quiet. It is so rare for me to have time to myself. Still feeling a bit of anxiety and asking the Universe to give Peter a smooth night but relieved that the arteries are looking healthy again and we have the pics to prove it.

The Day After

Unfortunately, I couldn’t post this yesterday but I am happy to report that Peter spent only the one night in hospital and he is now home and resting up after Charlotte and I travelled back to the hospital this afternoon in scorching 40C temps and strong winds. We wanted to do some Asian shopping again, but the wind made things too uncomfortable to be out shopping for any length of time.

I won’t jinx things and say we’ll do it next time. We’ve had enough of  hospitals, thanks very much! But a visit specifically to buy spices and do some Op shopping again will be on the cards.

Creative Commons License photo credit: edans

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