Today is oppressive outside with smoke from fires that are miles away just hanging in the air, so it’s good to be indoors writing!

I mentioned a tiny bit in my last post about my partner not being able to eat certain foods. Before his stent operation he was given instructions from his doc to stop eating carbohydrates,  fatty meat & drinking alcohol. Fish & skinless chicken or turkey are fine. Once Peter is down to a manageable weight, he can start back on minimal carbs. and a bit of red wine is apparently quite healthy for you.

One of our meals. Not too shoddy!

Peter took the challenge on with gusto and his weight loss took place quite quickly. He’s lookin’ good. There are a  few kilos to go, but he will get there. People always have something to say about no carb/low carb diets. People always have something to say about anything really. Yes including me sometimes but I try to keep an open mind.  There seems to be a weight loss diet to suit everyone and at the end of the day if it works and you feel better for it, then you need to listen to your own body and go with it. I am not advocating going against your doctor or health practitioners advice here. Please don’t ignore their wisdom.

You do have to have a balanced diet and I see what Peter is eating now. And me by the way although in smaller quantities being a smaller person. I do enjoy these meals so much and have been known to go back for seconds.

I have reduced my intake of carbs big time and rarely eat bread anymore and I’m finally (almost) back to my pre pregnancy weight. Something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I will add that I wasn’t really overweight for my height but I just felt bloated easily and frequently.

We get so many good things into our system now : pulses, seeds, fruit, vegetables, fish and the list goes on. I’m not as strict as Peter and always ate quite healthily anyway and I haven’t been through a stent operation or told to lose weight by my doctor. Part of my reason for cutting things out of my own diet was so I could also make it easier for Peter. Everyone in the family needs to get onboard & be supportive when one person has to change their diet.

If you’re wanting to start on a low carbs diet, this book could just be for you.

I need to let you know as my disclaimer that clicking on some of my links may cause you to lose weight. No, that’s not it. lol. I am an Affiliate Marketer and you may cause my bank account to gain weight.

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