Here I am. Back again. lol.

Recently we had five nights away on our yacht, so I thought I’d chat about that. It might sound luxurious, but I have such a love/hate (not ‘hate’ my 5 y/o would say to me) so I have a love/intense dislike of my time away on our yacht. It’s tricky because on the one hand it actually IS luxurious and on the other it’s too scary.

I’m a super, fair weather sailor,  like no wind and switch that motor on! lol. Not quite true, but almost. I’ve lived on yachts and sailed the open ocean and had some frightening experiences so when the boat heels over just the slightest in

Heeling over too much for Charlotte & me

a strong wind, I’m on edge and Charlotte just screams nowadays. How do I calm her when I don’t feel calm? If the boat heels over in a gentle breeze, I’m starting to get used to that, but how many more years will it take? I exaggerate a little.

With our last trip we were going home, no staying, no going home until I’d finally bumped my head and rummaged through bags too many times so I finally stayed firm on the decision. We did one more sail. A LOVELY one around Raymond Island on the Gippsland Lakes opposite Paynesville here in Victoria. We sailed to the back of the island and were becalmed. It was glorious. I even stripped off and had a dip and no, I won’t be posting photo’s. I will spare you the horror of that 🙂

It felt just like yachting should to me. Relaxing, lolling about, enjoying the sunshine with my Charlotte and her Daddy. It was, I must say, the most relaxed I’d felt in a long time.

Well, as always the wind picked up a little in the afternoon so we sailed off after about an hour or so, still very gently and Charlotte and I loved the wash from other boats going by. She is happiest sitting at the bow so that’s what we try to

Heading to the bow

do. When we rounded the corner of the island however, we were down below and there must have been a cross wind and that was it! The boat kept heeling over, Charlotte was screaming & I was yelling to the captain that the sails had to come down. That meant Charlotte had to be on her own in the cabin for a wee while.

Peter was going to pull the sails down, but not on your nelly! I wasn’t going to let him leave the tiller for one second with wind & boats and land close by, now that we were heading back to shore. So I had to try and calm Charlotte and get the sails down which didn’t quite work out because on the front of the yacht, there is no way with sails flapping, hatch closed and all other noises, that I can call out and comfort her.

She was just a tad upset and scared to say the least when I got back to her. So it kinda put a downer to the end of a lovely sail and certainly didn’t instill any confidence into Charlotte. Or me to be honest. Nevermind. I’m sure we will be sailing again but we need a good break from it first. We had this weekend planned for another yachting adventure but alas, Peter had to head off alone although he is with a few friends and having a sail with them.

I’m very interested in knowing how you manage as Mums & Dads to calm your child or children if  you are unable to feel calm yourself? I openly commented to Charlotte at one stage with my arms wrapped around her that it was difficult to comfort her when I wasn’t feeling calm myself  but for the most part I try to put on a brave face and manage quite well with that. Still, kids are highly intuitive so I’m not sure that it is the best thing and with my girl, being honest is probably the better option. At the end of the day, I take each situation into account and deal with it accordingly and sometimes I probably muck up.

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