Don’t continue on if spiders freak you out.

I was pulling out some chamomile on my own which is just under our grape vines in the front garden. It grows like crazy and was looking a bit bedraggled now that the flowers are almost finished. When in full bloom it’s pretty as a picture and it grows like wildfire, so it’ll be back. The only way to get rid of the weeds that intertwine themselves with the chamomile is to rip the lot out! Ruthless, I know.

Charlotte turned up to help me and suddenly pointed to a spider right where I was about to step to pull the plants & weeds which meant I possibly could have had a reasonable sized spider crawling on me. Something like the one when I was driving in the car the other day! Insert shivers here! Peter flicked that one off me, but towards Charlotte in her car seat. Arrgghh! I managed to pull the car over and found it, flicked it out (I can’t kill things easily) and off we went.

The spider Charlotte discovered today took my breath away it’s so beautiful, so in I charged to grab my camera which is like another limb for me. I snapped a few good shots which don’t look as great when small unfortunately but you can get an idea. I’m now  looking at a book of  Australian spiders, old as the hills but well used and the book just popped open at the page displaying our spider.

It is sometimes called an Orchard spider. Deaths Head spider is another term and Bird Dung spider. I’ll go with Orchard spider thanks very much.

Wolf spider

Not long after there was a Wolf spider running about. Not quite as attractive. Okay, nowhere NEAR as  attractive and way more difficult to photograph, but I managed one shot that turned out reasonably well.

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