I was under the weather on Valentines Day, so I spent some of  my time lolling about in bed. At some point in the afternoon Charlotte (4 1/2 yrs) came into the bedroom with her Daddy ‘hiding’ something behind her back and I had to guess what it was. I did guess and Charlotte then produced a lovely bunch of  orchids and chocolates from behind her back for Valentines Day.

I popped them on the bedside table, then had a snooze. Later, when I was feeling okay enough to get up, this is the display that greeted me.

an innovative way to display orchids

Fortunately, Charlotte didn’t add water! So, the new snowboots will still be okay to wear when Winter and our snow arrives. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. I probably shouldn’t take them when I’m unwell, but couldn’t resist taking a snap for the archives and sharing it with you.

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