We recently had a beach holiday a couple of hours from home and these Kangaroos were having a lovely feed on spent Banksia flowers. So we don’t necessarily have Kangaroo’s jumping about in our streets here in Victoria as some people still believe. They do, however, enjoy hangin’ at the beach in some places.

But wait! What is this other strange critter I managed to capture on film. Is it a lion or perhaps a tiger? Not used to those on our Australian shores. Maybe the gals at 5minutesformom can help me out.

Oh! I’ve worked it out. Looks like it’s just my 4 y/o daughter pretending to be a wild animal. One ofย  her favourite games. And yes, we are expected to play it 24/7 with her. Okay, I exaggerate somewhat, but a LOT ofย  the time.

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