Is it really time for 5minutesformom‘s WW again? It comes around so quickly. I was hoping to do my post yesterday which was Wednesday here in Australia, but I couldn’t decide on photo’s or themes. I had a few ideas, so decided to sleep on it and now it’s Wednesday in some parts of  the world, but Thursday here. Anyway, it was worth sleeping on. This afternoon we had a wonderful storm that swept through our area, so it gave me another theme to work on.

I always put my car in the rain for a clean. With water being so precious I like to make the most of it when there is a downpour and this was really heavy and my car was super dusty. I decided to also give it a brush over whilst it was pouring  rather than letting the rain do the job on its own . It was so refreshing after a muggy 30C plus day. Now my car is sparkly clean and I feel cooler. It’s been awhile since the last deluge, so my car hasn’t been clean for awhile. If  it’s just too thick with dust I will give it a lick with a couple of  buckets of water and some elbow grease otherwise it has to wait.

And my little helper, well She swept under the carport, but everything had pretty well dried up and the overflowing drains subsided by then. Still, every bit helps.

She was certainly putting in a good effort for all of two minutes. lol.

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