My poor neglected blog 🙁

Last time I mentioned that my blog needs renovations and here it is many weeks down the track STILL needing me to take care of it.  Actually, that’s how it is with our home. A flurry of work, then nothing for awhile.

This post is just to keep you updated with what I am up to. I’ve been learning all about building small niche websites and enjoying, thoroughly, the different way of doing  Affiliate Marketing.  It seems to suit me well & my partner is finally onboard and even learning alongside me.

He’s a great help with the techie stuff and seems to understand the process, so I’ve got my biz coach AND Peter. Nice  🙂 I’ve even been earning some money from this business which is one of  the things on my ‘To Do’ List. The one in my head, that is! I’m not great at writing things down even though it has been great to tick things off on the odd occasion that I have written one.

Passion And Skiing Trips

Next, I have also been following ‘The Passion Test’ with Janet Bray Attwood & Chris Atwood. Not only following but doing the homework and loving the inspiration & motivation it brings to my life to be a more upbeat, positive person. Depression, negativity & exhaustion have been close companions since I was in my early teens and I’m working on making friends with them.  Now that’s a huge task, but I think it can be done!

Finally, we’ve had lots of  snow trips and maybe another one or two before the season is over. It’s been a fabulously cold Winter. We’ve got a shiny, new toboggan but on our last trip I was the proudest Mamma ever as I watched Charlotte (now 5 yrs old) up on ski’s for the first time.

Peter & I have our own cross  country ski’s and at the end of the day, Charlotte insisted on trying some out. We’d put the toboggan to good use already and managed to wrangle a deal on the ski hire. She was up and off straight away and although I didn’t doubt that She could do it, when it actually happened I was thrilled and moved to tears.

Stage #1 Off to hire some ski's

Stage #2 Getting a feel for skiing with Daddy

Stage #3 She's up. Charlotte and her proud Mamma

Ticked Off

Since writing the above, a week has flown by! We went to the snow again yesterday, but this time Charlotte was a bit out of sorts so even though She skied a little and really wanted to, She tired more easily so it was a very short and expensive stint. We didn’t get the late afternoon discount this time because, well, it wasn’t late afternoon. There was more fun to be had with Charlotte’s cousins tobogganing and sliding downhill on her bottom without the toboggan and I still got to hang out on my ski’s.

My poor old cross country boots (already fixed once after the last snow trip) didn’t make the distance, but a very handy bungy cord wrapped around my boot got me through and it will have to do me one more time this coming weekend.

We’ve had the best snow season this year both with the amount of snow and the number of times we managed to get there. It is one thing that was high on my ‘To Do’ list. Remember? The one in my head. So the snow trips are ticked off. It was one task that was EASY and huge amounts of fun.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Till next time, I hope you stay safe and get on top of your ‘To Do’ list. Make sure you add fun things in with the chores.

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