It’s been far too long since I wrote anything here. Not good!  We’ve had some adventures, though with our first trip to Western Australia and Charlotte’s first ever flight. Thank heavens both journey’s were smooth relatively speaking.

Charlotte was nervous even scared at times, but I’m quite the flying veteran so was able to talk her through all the lumps and bumps and possibilities both good and bad ie good : lovely staff , new experiences. Bad : turbulence, strange noises etc.

It is hard to calm someone when you’re nervous yourself. Take off and landing always make me somewhat antsy and I like a bit of  turbulence, but it still puts me on edge. No, I can’t figure that one either. LOL

The purpose of  our 3-4hr flight was to visit my lovely brother for his 50th birthday celebrations. We had a lovely taster of  Perth wandering about for a few hours although the hostel for the night was rather divey. The brochure made it look like a palace and it did have potential, but our room left much to be desired.

After Perth, we tootled off south to my brother’s and his partners home in Bunbury and settled into our cute little bungalow at the back of their home.

Party Celebrations

The next day some mutual friends of my brother’s and mine from Melbourne in Victoria arrived as a big surprise for him. He was almost speechless barr some expletives and moved to tears upon seeing them. Once the greetings and excitement tapered off we all headed to a wonderful place called Donnelly River to stay for a couple of nights in share houses at the park along with a bunch of  my brother’s other friends.

We were greeted by Emus and kangaroos on the front ‘lawn’.  Just dirt, no grass due to very dry conditions. What a treat and in the evening we were visited by a baby possum and its Mum happy to be hand fed. I know, there’s the dilemma about feeding wild animals. I didn’t personally feed them, but it was a treat for the children to be up close and personal.

Unfortunately, one of  the kangaroos, a rather dominant male scratched and kicked Charlotte. It apparently, grabbed her face and kicked her in the stomach with both feet as they do when fighting. I wasn’t there to see the incident as She was with my brother and her Dad at the time, so am left with only my imagination which is upsetting and the visuals of  the scratches on her face at the time. No wonder Charlotte looked frightened in her Father’s arms.

I must say, after overcoming the huge fright Charlotte ‘got back on the horse’ so to speak and mingled despite the kangaroos being around. It was short lived. The next day, She was quite fearful again and didn’t want to step outside. Can’t say I blame her. Despite being hand reared at this place, they are still wild creatures and they are daunting when they rear up.

Sad News

The whole trip was tinged with deep sadness for our friends from Victoria and me when we got the news that a very special person in our lives died suddenly. His 15yr old daughter found him clutching his chest and not long after, he was gone. I am still in disbelief and deep sadness at our loss.

One of my difficulties was/is dealing with my grief when Charlotte is around. She didn’t want to leave my side, yet She was distraught at seeing me sobbing. I don’t believe in completely closeting children from emotions because we are human and feelings are part of the human condition. I want Charlotte to feel free to express herself and to know that it is normal to have a range of  emotions no matter how old you are, but there is a point where it is too overwhelming for a 4 year old to cope with. I think?

What do you think about this subject? I’m still grieving, but it isn’t easy. It feels somewhat ‘on hold’ at times whilst I go about the business of  being a Mum.

Despite the sadness, I am so glad we spent the 10 days away although it was difficult not being able to make the funeral. To lift my spirits somewhat as if  it was a gift from the Universe, our final night in Fremantle, WA was spent in a rather unexpectedly opulent B&B (Bed & Breakfast) for the night and Freo as it is affectionately called is on the list to revisit. Quite the opposite to our accommodation at the start of  the trip.

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