Not only are we doing some renovations to our old home which is not old to us having only lived in it just over 3 years, but renovations to my blog are also in order. My way of saying I need to write a blog post or two. I’ve been MIA (Missing In Action). It’s so darned easy to get caught up in excuses as to why you can’t do a blog post, then time just flies by.

I must admit to feeling the pressure of  having to write and since I’ve slacked off somewhat, my life has been less stressful. I’ve been needing to take a back seat for awhile. It doesn’t mean my learning has stopped though. No Way! I’m reading, reading, learning, learning and doing, doing, but differently.

About Our Home Renovations

Now about those renovations which have been ongoing since moving into our current home. I had a vision for the kitchen to have  a more open plan set up between it and the loungeroom. If Charlotte is playing in the lounge and I am doing whatever I do in the kitchen, I’ve had to get out of  my chair to check on how She’s doing or to answer the myriad of questions that a now 5 year old can tend to ask.  Yes, we do need a break from one another and I don’t have to be with Charlotte for every question and for every moment but when we’re together in the house, I prefer to be more accessible.Watch Froning The Fittest Man In History (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

A few weeks ago my handyman partner started chipping away at the walls whenever he could and it’s not only double brick for the outside, but you guessed it, the inside walls are brick, too. That means an angle grinding job which means, you guessed it again, lots of dust.

Chipping away before realising that angle grinding is the only way to do the job

A bit of time has lapsed since writing the above and the lounge and kitchen are much more open. It adds such a different feel to the place. It’s Winter and it feels colder although that’s psychological I’m sure but I like it a lot.


There are the finishing touches to be done and the kitchen itself needs lots of work so I expect there will be more dust, but let me tell you it will be nothing compared to the dust created by the angle grinder. Peter commented that it is one of  THE worst jobs he’s ever had to do.


Thank goodness it’s added a positive element to our home and not the opposite so all the hard work was worth it. Well, that’s my opinion maybe not Peter’s. lol

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