I finally (partly) watched  ‘Avatar’ the other night and have to say, I really don’t know what all the fuss is about. ‘Partly watched’ because I was working on my computer at the time. The lounge was the cosiest place in this cold, old house with a lovely log fire burning, so that’s where I was going to sit and attempt to do my work.

I was curious about the movie aswell with all the raves it was getting from people who said they weren’t particularly into sci-fi. So my curiosity got the better of  me. There were some interesting, almost touching scenes. I know for sure now we be talkin' sci fi!
that one quite powerful part would have thrown me into a full on panic attack on a big screen at the cinema because I could feel the signs taking place just watching on our small screen tv. It came after a particularly violent part of the movie which is another reason why I only ‘partly watched’.

This brings me to the reason for my blog post.

In Your Face Graphics Are Unnecessary

I am heartily sick of  violence in movies. The type that leaves nothing to the imagination. I don’t believe we need the graphics to be in our face and in fact a little mystery and having to use ones imagination can add rather than detract from a story. Yes, there are some movies that require some of  the graphics to tell the story particularly if  it is factual, but blood and guts for the sheer sake of  it and with complete abandon? Forget it! Absolutely not necessary.

It’s not only in movies. What about that news bulletin of yet another senseless murder where the cameraman decides to hover on the blood stain? It infuriates me. I know your response might be ‘Well you don’t have to watch’. I agree and as much as I like to be informed, there is such negative journalism that it’s just not worth watching anyway. Same with movies. Trouble is, some of  the movies have such a great storyline. ‘Shutter Island’ is one. I just had to close or avert my eyes so often, but the mystery got me in and the twist at the end was ‘worth it’.

Times Have Changed

I used to be able to watch and read all manner of  things, but over the years as the world has become ‘smaller’ and more violence is reported, I just can’t do it anymore. Since becoming a Mum almost 5 yrs ago my desire to watch violent movies or violent television programs of any description has dwindled to almost nothing, but it is so hard to find a movie with substance that hasn’t got some form of  violence portrayed. Very often, feel good movies are just a bit too fluffy, but I think I’ll stick to more of  them if  I want to watch anything.

So, I have two questions for you.

#1. What do you think of  violence in movies?

#2. Has Motherhood or Fatherhood changed your taste in movies?

Happy viewing no matter what you choose 🙂

phCreative Commons Licenseoto credit: Torley

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