I’d like this post to be about sharing the funniest or most intelligent comments your child has ever said.

I know I am so proud of  Charlotte’s ability to articulate her feelings since She was able to talk and even before talking with her own style of sign language when I think about it. So here are some comments that have been particularly noteworthy.

Having said that, I tend to jot down most of  the things Charlotte says. Noteworthy to me, but maybe not always to someone else.

Whilst watching an animated horse show : “A talking horse? Jumping lollipops!”

“What do yabbies have inside?”  This and the following question were asked somewhat ‘out of  the blue.’


“What do Barking Owls sound like?”


“Scuse me, that’s my potty destination.”

“Darling, buzz off.”  (After we had been telling some bees to buzz off.)

Whilst playing with ducks in the bath and squeezing them : “I’ll squeeze some (water) out of the ducks vagina.”

“Come on, let’s go and get the process started.” Said to her Dad when going outside to blow bubbles.

This was our conversation instigated by Charlotte when the three of  us were in bed one morning :

C : “I love you, daddy.”

Daddy : “I love you Charlotte.”

C turning to me : “Do you love Daddy?”

Me : “Yes, I love Daddy.”

C : “We all love one another, don’t we?”  How gorgeous is that?

Since Charlotte could speak, She has turned to me in bed and said “Mummy, would you like a cup of  tea?” Upon saying yes, She would turn to Daddy and say “Daddy, Mummy wants a cup of  tea.” My girl definitely looks after me and so does Peter. I DO get that cup of  tea in bed most mornings.

And finally because I really could go on all day. Said to one of  our cats “Oops, sorry. Did I startle you?”

Our kids make us so proud and bring the most wonderful laughter into our lives and I think it should be shared around. So feel completely free to have a good old brag.

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