Well, we didn’t get that last trip in at the snowfields as a family. The weather was too poor so we had to let it go.

I’m certainly well satisfied. We are never guaranteed a good dump of  snow and in fact, very often it’s every second or third year that is good so we made the most of  it this year that’s for sure. I was disappointed that we couldn’t do an overnighter in a lodge. In peak season you can’t book just one night on the weekend and we couldn’t quite afford two nights.

Onto Other Great News

My latest, greatest news is that I will be attending the Passion Test Facilitators course in January next year. That’s not far away, really. I feel excited and nervous about the whole event but definitely passionate about attending. I had to do a fair bit of sweet talking for Peter to see it as a good thing. It’s not cheap especially adding in the flying or driving to Sydney from Melbourne & staying in hotels, but in the scheme of  things I know it will be money well spent.

I’m not sure if  I will end up being a facilitator, but that’s the ‘small me’ talking. I am really wanting to step into the ‘bigger me’ that I know is lurking inside and doing the certification course is part of  my self discovery if you like and stepping into a larger life experience.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

You might wonder why I’m nervous. Well, Charlotte and I haven’t been away from one another much at all and although the course is just under 3 1/2 days, two of those days are full on from morning until night, another day is roughly 9am-5pm and we start with a few hours on the first evening. For Charlotte to go from having the odd day with my Mum and the same with her Dad plus a few hours here and there with friends, it will be a bit hard on her, I imagine. Not to mention me, but I’ll be pretty tied up with learning.

To make things easier for Charlotte, I’ve also got my Dad joining us so as She has two familiar faces and playmates and it’ll be a help to Peter having that extra pair of  hands. It’s holiday time for us at that time of  year, so I’m lucky Peter can make it.

We’re not sure whether to drive or fly. Driving adds on an extra four days ’cause we’d hotel it there and back but it’s a pretty lovely drive and more adventurous. Flying feels like less of a hassle in some ways, but both modes of transport have their positive & negative attributes.

That’s about it for the moment. A lot happens in a short space of time, doesn’t it? What exciting things are taking place in your life at the moment? It doesn’t have to be HUGE to be exciting, but I’d love to have you share.
Till next time, take care 🙂

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