As I was doing some dishes,  I was pondering my next post. Dishes done, Charlotte tucked up in bed, I decided to check into Twitter before blogging and there was a tweet from Squigglemum leading to her post not dissimilar to the one I have been formulating in my head. Both of  us require some help with our very focussed children.

I urge you to read up and leave some advice for Squigglemum, but first, I would love some advice for myself. My quandary is what to do when my child is sooo very focussed on playing one game with variations to it that I am just about to pull her, sorry, pull my hair out? 🙂

I have tried redirecting with a small amount of  luck, but it is hit and miss.
Here’s what happens. Charlotte will watch an animal show either something animated or a National Geographic wild animal program, then She wants to role play, directing us ALL of the way. I do love watching Charlotte playing animals and hearing her narrative around it.

She is magnificent, down on all fours and the speed and agility She has is astounding as She takes on qualities of the animal being portrayed, but She wants us down there with her and it’s at a point where I dread the show or even story book ending because I know what’s coming…. ‘Mummy, I want to play with you’.

My knees hurt and I must say I am concerned for Charlotte’s developing knees, too. It is just such a passion for her,  not a passing phase and I don’t want to quash her enthusiasm. Unfortunately, there are times when I just have to say ‘No can do’. Then She will try another tack and asks that we watch her being a wild animal through binoculars. Gotta hand it to her for being innovative. Binoculars I can say yes to more often, too. lol

How do you say ‘NO’? I do use variations on it, but sometimes ‘No’ slips out before I have chance to think of  a more gentle letdown. And, ‘Yes’ comes out too, but just not as often as I’d like sometimes.  Charlotte is unrelenting in pursuit of her goal which is trying to entice us to play animals with her.  This is where it is tricky and rather sad for me that there are no other siblings.  Today I have a playmate organised for her after Kinder, so that will be a big help. Still, I would be most grateful for your advice.Review Android Smartphone

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