In my previous post ‘Affirmations — Bringing About Change In 2010’ I gave a little teaser by mentioning a course I am doing that is tied in with Mind Movies.

The course is run by Natalie Ledwell. Natalie and Ryan are the dynamic Aussie duo presenting the Mind Movies Cape May
program. The 7 week course is called  ‘7 Steps To Happiness’. I’m up to lesson #2. Once again, it is all part of my desire to bring about change in the way I think about and act upon things in my life.

Monetizing My Blog

There are affirmation projects to carry out that are really quite a pleasure and I have decided to focus on money just for once in my life for the purpose of the 7 week course (and onwards to be honest) Well, to be more specific, making money from my blog.

There are other great reasons for blogging such as connecting with a fantastic, supportive and diverse group of people especially WAHM’s, but we had to be specific in the course, so I’m giving this my best shot. It’s not only about affirmations, but action taking which is not one of my strong points. Procrastination & taking action, not great at those at all. I am waaay better than I used to be and to be affirming I should be stating that ‘I am free of procrastination and inaction’. lol

I need to start somewhere, so why not right here at my blog.

The purpose of  this post is to let you know that if I can make these changes, anyone can. Sometimes, however, it is more productive when we seek help which is the reason I am doing the course. I’ll be writing more about the ‘7 Steps to Happiness’ in my newsletter. Feel free to sign up and follow my journey. I hope to report good things to you each fortnight.

Feeling Quietly Confident

Already, in saturating my mind with affirmations over the past few weeks, I am seeing a shift in certain areas of  my life. I guess I’m not game to make it sound big yet, because it’s only early days, but I am quietly confident that change is afoot. Wish me luck! And join me with the mind movies. There are 6 pre made, no cost movies to download. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you follow the instructions to a tee.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Lesson #3 has just arrived from Natalie, so when I’ve posted this, I’ll check it out. It’s a bit like opening a gift whenever my lessons turn up because I don’t know what is in there. I get a little nervous and excited at the same time. What I am finding is that it’s fun so far which keeps me fired up to continue.

Creative Commons License photo credit: julienne_audrey

Disclaimer : By the way, if you click on any links or buttons at my blog, I’m an Affiliate, therefore there is a chance I may receive a commission. Lucky me!  Apparently, I’m now required to let you know about that 🙂


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