I’m already realising that a common WAHM theme is STRESS! Aarrgghh. I currently have in my hot little hands an excellent book by Kaz Cooke called ‘the little book of stress’.  No capitals in the title which in itself would be enoughstress-and-sleep
to stress some people to the max. I’m guessing that will be part of  the ploy.

This book has some extremely innovative ways and wise words of wisdom for combatting the highly toxic condition of stress and I’d like to share some of them with you. Kaz mentions on the cover that “trying to stay calm is too stressful go with the anxiety flow” Oops, no capitals again OR punctuation! I can feel the blood pressure starting to rise.

There is a lovely quote inside the cover :

‘He who letteth the tribulations meander past his door, he who speaketh only of flowing serenities,

he who seemeth to become one with his unconcious mind, in repose from morn ’til night.

Who he?  A complete idiot’.

Dhagi Shri Dalai Glenys Heather Thud

See what I mean?  Wise. Now let’s see how we can help ourselves by accepting and even nurturing the stress in our lives acheter viagra sans ordonnance en suisse.  I think the following quote would be a good one to begin with, given that we are living in an age where everything is out there in cyberspace ready to be retrieved, printed off and used against us at the drop of a hat.

‘If you are angered by something, fire off a vicious and threatening fax in the heat of the moment. People will appreciate having it in writing.’

Here’s one for those who like a quick fix to their stress like I do whilst sitting at the computer, standing in a long queue, driving through heavy traffic or whatever the scenario.

‘If you’re feeling too relaxed, tighten up every part of your body slowly. Now, hold.’

Just thinking about that one relaxes me in an instant. My next choice is for the fashion victim in all of us and for those in particular who get up at 5am & earlier to start their work day.

‘It is vital that you look as glamorous as possible at all times.

Get up an hour early each morning for plucking, waxing, make-up, hair-wrangling and clothes selection. This goes for women, too.’

I know a lot of  you are BIG on filing things.  Try this to add some spice to your life which is always great for stress.

‘File things under the seventh letter of their name. For example, ‘Correspondence’ would be filed under ‘P’.

This makes for interesting retrieval and will keep everybody alert.’

If you find you awaken refreshed after a really long nights sleep, I chose this with you in mind. It should help you to  focus on all that you need to achieve during your day.

‘A rested person is a complacent person. Set your alarm to go off every hour through the night.

(People with children may skip this page.)’

Hmmm. Given I am talking to a lot of  WAHM’s, the above may not be a great choice. Please don’t skip the page. I have a couple or three more quotes that you might want to implement throughout your day.

For the minimalists : ‘Save space by throwing away all your receipts and then simply mentally reconstruct them at the end of each tax year.’

Goal setting enthusiasts : ‘Don’t be afraid to set yourself unrealistic goals: it will be so much more challenging.’

And finally for those with ADHD tendencies: ‘If you ever feel overwhelmed by life, take your mind off  it by beginning some home renovations.’

I do hope you have gleaned some valuable information here for coping with stress when it enters your life. If you have any humorous or serious ways of  dealing with it that might be of value, please take time out to let me know. I think humour is a wonderful way to help in SOME situations. In others, it is not at all appropriate. I know how stressful being a Mum or Dad can be and if I’ve managed to lighten up your life even just a little with this post, then my job is done for the day.

I’d like to thank Kaz Cooke for writing ‘the little book of stress’ and making me laugh.

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