We had some wonderful rain today. Don’t worry, this post isn’t going to be all about the weather. When Charlotte was  younger She LOVED stomping in puddles whilst it was raining, but then somewhere along the track and sadly,

Having fun in the rain

Having fun in the rain

She stopped enjoying it. I am thrilled to say that lately She has started loving it again. Only in the past month or so and today She bounced on the trampoline, in the rain with not a care in the world about getting wet. I joined Charlotte on the trampoline and whilst it rained I gave it a much needed clean.

Not long after, when it was pelting down Charlotte wanted me to ride my bike whilst She rode hers. I said ‘No, I don’t want to get wet again’ as I had been in and changed my gear. She was so disappointed and I thought to myself, one day I will regret not having ridden my bicycle around the garden in the pouring rain with my precious 4 yo daughter,  just because I didn’t want to get wet again.

Charlotte Was In For A Surprise

So, I quietly went into the garage and rode my bike out and we had the best time ever. The look of  joy on Charlotte’s face was priceless. She asked ‘Did you decide to surprise me, Mum?’

I had a great time getting wet, charging about our back yard on my bike and getting some much needed exercise at the same time, not to mention the fun interacting with Charlotte. Peter joined us as the ‘undercover’ Photographer.

The reason for sharing this with you is to make you stop and think about the things you say ‘No’ to with your children. I am often saying no, then reneging and explaining to Charlotte that I hadn’t thought things through properly and would like to change my mind. She really ‘gets’ that stuff, so I’m lucky because I also have to teach her that no means no. What a balancing act we Mums have to go through.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

One Day The Games Will End

I’m trying hard to say ‘Yes’ more often to the games that can become quite tedious to me because I am so very aware that soon enough, Charlotte won’t be wanting to play these games with anyone, let alone me. I hope you will join in on this one because it really can mean the world to our children when we say ‘Yes’ to their request for play, instead of  ‘No’.

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