I’m sitting in bed feeling exhausted, but getting some good work done.  About mid afternoon, I couldn’t stay awake any longer, the boys (Peter’s 17yr old & his mate) had taken over our small loungeroom, Peter had a very productive morning/afternoon in the garden and it was time for me to leave Charlotte with him and take time out for a nap. I don’t have that luxury when Peter is at work, of course, so I milk it a bit when he is home nowadays. If I’m not proactive, I NEVER get a break at home.

So I had a wee nap, but these days my head is buzzing with new info, things I need to do yada, yada, yada! I decided after the nap and lying there not able to get more sleep that I would bring my Laptop into the bedroom, snuggle in and get onto my Accountability projects. Charlotte has been an angel and hasn’t disturbed me once in a few hours. That is unheard of! I can hear her interacting which brings a smile to my face. I haven’t dared to venture out of my room because as soon as I do, that’s my own time, GONE!

I do have to head on out of the bedroom shortly, though, but feel very satisfied with my accomplishments. I can finally put a photo onto my blog without needing help. Bit of a process, but it’ll get easier. I’ve learnt a few new things about Twitter, read my Blog Internship lessons, listened to a few of the myriad audio’s that I have to listen to.

Now the sunset is happening. Beautiful pink, purple & blue skies outside the bedroom window. I didn’t hear my beautiful Blackbird calls tonight. This time of year, they are so melodic and it is evocative of my early childhood in Wales before moving to Australia. Oh, there they are, I just needed to wait for a tad longer to hear the Blackbirds goodnight song.  I’m happy now 🙂

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