Little did I know how difficult my decision was going to be in choosing a Kindergarten.

I have taken Charlotte along to one just for a few visits, which is about 10 mins drive away. Doesn’t sound much and Torrey Pines Difficult Trail
it isn’t with 3 yr old kinder which is one morning a week, but next yr it will be two five hour days a week.

So that’s 10mins there & back, two times a day, two days a week. Still not a lot you might say, but take into consideration that many friends and family live in a different direction & a lot further away, so it’s extra k’s for them if there is an emergency plus the time out of my work day.

I know I’ll build up friendships and we’ll do some car pooling for the regular Kinder run. I already have my friend who recommended this particular Kinder. The other thing for me is my fear of  fire. During the Summer months this would be heightened whilst driving through the bush for the drop off & collection of Charlotte. So, with this Kinder, I keep on yo-yoing with my decision.

Just a couple of days ago I wrote off the local Kinder, the one that is 3 days a week, but not solely based on that reason. Upon arriving unannounced, I was asked to call back later yet I was told it would be okay to drop in, better to go later, but still it would be okay if I was passing by. I was told the kids were ‘in session’ vente libre viagra. I thought they were doing some project that couldn’t be interrupted, but this was not so. My reason for arriving unannounced, was so I could get an idea of how things were conducted with kids there.

The day I went to book Charlotte in, there were no kids about. It was a day set aside purely for booking purposes. Anyway, I headed back as asked, just after lunch only to find all the children gone! I was aghast and questioned why  this was so. I asked “How am I to know how the Kinder is run if there are no children about?”

The woman I spoke to said at this time of year, it can be pretty boisterous as the kids know one another so well and therefore, it could be daunting for younger ones just beginning their Kinder journey. Fair comment, I guess, but the fact that I was told I can drop in which actually wasn’t the case, tended to put me off from the get go.

Charlotte definitely doesn’t like big groups and I know this Kinder is quite large and popular, so that was another deciding factor aswell as the three day thing. I found myself finding reasons why not to send her to this Kinder, so the decision on that one is made now. Many other factors in discussing it with Peter ( Charlotte’s Dad & my partner) solidified my decision.

Now you’d think I was home and hosed with things.  But, there is another highly acclaimed Kinder in the area that I booked Charlotte into before booking her into the really local one. This next one is only 4 mins drive away. Ahhh! Not as good as a walk around the corner, but better than 10mins drive.

When I first visited this one whilst ‘in session’, it was a bit noisy for my liking.  A wet day, so everyone was inside and music just a bit too loud. I would like to see it on a sunny, outdoors kind of day, but Charlotte commented that She’d like to go to that one. She’s a wise girl and will definitely let me know if something isn’t right for her. Of course, we have to guide things, too. I have to sometimes remind myself that She is only 4 afterall. This Kinder is larger than the out of the way venue, but smaller than the local one, so I may have to compromise on some things.

I have to say that I feel a little less burdened now that one Kinder is out of the equation.

So, the journey continues. Until next time, adios and drop by anytime.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dalvenjah

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