I have a few little household tips that I’ve discovered over the years as well as in more recent times and would like to share them with you.

Tip #1

The first one that I was told about a few months back has been fantastic for me. It kinda saves time and I’ll let you know why shortly, but it makes for a neater linen closet & wardrobe, too.

I now roll my towels before popping them away instead of folding. You do fold them in half  lengthways, then start rolling away. It’s pretty quick once you’ve figured out which way to go about it. There are several different possibilities.

Rolled towels & face cloths

Rolled towels & cloths

When they’re neatly stacked in your linen closet, they look lovely AND the time saver is that when you take one out to use, you don’t drag a heap out with you at the same time whilst attempting to keep them stacked neatly on top of one another as you do when they’re folded. I’ve recently taken the same idea and used it with my tee shirts & long sleeved tops (no ironing required if you do, unless you’re ultra fussy). Once again, much easier to take things out without dragging everything onto the floor.

Tip #2

Next tip is very simple and I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner. Might be because I don’t carry a mop with me when I’m travelling. Nowadays I always keep a wet mop handy. With wooden floors it is a dream to just duck into the laundry, grab the mop and any spillages are gone in a second or it’s ready for just sprucing things up.

I find it great for a quick zip around the edges where dust gathers, too. Quicker by far than having to grab the fiddly, old vacuum cleaner or using the broom that pushes the dirt about. Make sure the mop is rinsed regularly if it’s not used a lot ’cause it can gather mold and that’s the last thing you want. I also have, not just one dustpan and brush handy, but several tucked away in convenient places. There are some instances where brooms and brushes have their place. And vacuum cleaners, unfortunately!

Tip #3

I prefer to dust with a damp cloth, too. Make sure you squeeze out the excess water as much as possible otherwise you’ll leave streaks. I don’t use anything other than water as I’m not big on using chemicals. Those dusters just swoosh the dust into the air, so it can land right back where it was before.

Tip #4

Long, narrow jars are a pain to clean inside, aren’t they? I just pop a light dishcloth inside, then use the handle on a long, wooden spoon to move the cloth about. To retrieve the cloth you can just drag it up the side of the jar with the spoon and the friction will help you out or shake it to the opening and you’ll find a way to easily grab it out.

Hopefully, these simple tips will help you just a tad. I always think it’s worth sharing ideas because no matter how simple, you’re bound to come across something new that’s worth trying.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when my partner’s sister mentioned about rolling the towels!

If you want further help in all things household-y check in with Cara at The Household Helper She has a huge amount of  information to make day to day life less stressful.  I also have some other tips to share with you at a later (not too much later) date, so keep coming back. Happy cleaning!

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