I need to blog. Firstly, I had this wonderful space alone, so I did some writing for someone elses Website and after one and a half hours of concentrating, editing and re-editing I pressed the wrong button and there it was, GONE! I am still reeling from my stupidity. And what makes it worse, is that I was pretty pleased with what I had written.

Can anyone tell me where in Cyberspace that stuff goes? Is it hanging there waiting to be retrieved or are we waiting for some new technology to be invented so we can retrieve it? Actually, I  have recently changed to Firefox and am still learning the ropes. It’s very different to IE, so I’m not entirely stupid,  just partially. LOL

Next time I will write lengthy articles in some other format. Now I have to wait for that precious, solitary chunk of time, so I can do it again and I also need the enthusiasm back. It’ll not be until I’ve had a good nights sleep, that’s for sure.

Next, I need to chat about Charlotte’s op. The car journey worked out perfectly on the Thursday. It poured with rain for the afternoon and I can’t imagine how tricky it would have been schlepping our gear around on public transport. Not to mention the upset it would have caused Charlotte and therefore, us. The slightest wet patch on her clothing and that’s it, we have to change.

Believe me, we would have been wet. Even the short walk from our drop off point to the hotel, left us all requiring dry clothes. Now for the hotel. Here’s me picturing something fancy. Well, fancier than it was. Won’t do that again, but it was clean and only for a night aswell as handy to the hospital.


Charlotte drawing & eating chips. 10pm

057 a

Charlotte dancing in the cabin (hotel room)

I hardly slept anyway and Charlotte was restless before finally settling. Every now and then, I allow her something sweet at dinnertime and everytime I do that, She can’t sleep. Dang! You’d think I’d learn. The waiter was lovely, so how could we refuse his suggestions? Normally, I don’t give in but   this time I did. So instead of getting to sleep at 8.30 when I was ready, we were  calling  room service and ordering food to eat at 10pm, sitting drawing,  munching and having a drink.  Charlotte did draw her first snail and what a great job She did, too, so at least the time was productive.

Other than blaming the lousy pillow, I can only put my lack of sleep down to pre op nerves. Charlotte did have a solid sleep which was all I                                             really cared about.

It was a brisk walk to the hospital in crisp, cool air with clear skies on the Friday. What a pleasant way to start a nerve wracking day. We arrived at 7.15am along with all the other Mums, Dads and children. Fortunately, Charlotte was second to go in. There were all manner of problems with the children from Grommets required, Charlotte’s Trigger Thumbs to a blocked Oesophagus with one child and monthly visits for him.

After chatting to the Anaesthetist, then a Nurse, we were called into pre op. I wasn’t expecting to be able to go any further than there, having been told at a prior time that I couldn’t accompany Charlotte any further, but I was relieved to find it wasn’t the case and I was able to be with her until She fell to sleep with the chocolate flavoured gas. She was frightened and a little moreso just before it took effect, but we chatted away, giving her reassurance and hugs from me. Once asleep, it was time for me to fall apart. The volunteer walked a very tearful Mum out and I met up with my Dad again and we finally managed to get some breakfast.

It was not a relaxing breakfast. I wanted to get back up to the waiting room in case we were called in sooner for any reason. Even though we were told it would be 40 mins and probably more with two thumbs being done, I didn’t care. I just needed to be as close as possible. We were probably waiting in the very comfy waiting room for about 15 mins when the Surgeon came out. The op was successful and Charlotte would have full use of her thumbs. Thank

Not long after surgery.

Not long after surgery.

God! And it did take about 40 mins from when Charlotte fell to sleep. Amazing. From being told Charlotte was in post op to being allowed to be with her seemed like an interminable amount of time. I was beginning to worry that She’d had a reaction to the anaesthetic, so when we were called in over the intercom, I almost left Dad for dead in my rush to be with Charlotte again. I managed to subdue my tears when greeting her and She was as bright as a button and all smiles.

I knew that the Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons would be great with kids, but that is an understatement. They were exceptional at putting Charlotte at ease. They all had her smiling although her head was partially buried in my chest, which is no mean feat when She is having her shy moments. I must admit, that we did get the best crew. There were others around that still had a great manner about them, but just not as jovial. We seemed to have some real clowns meant in the nicest possible way. This of course, put me more at ease, too.

After having to stay under observation for an extra hour until a very itchy and tingly finger settled down, we headed back to the hotel for our gear, caught a tram into the City centre, had a cuppa, then caught the train.  Charlotte

Charlotte in her own (our) bed at the end of a long day.

Charlotte in her own (our) bed at the end of a long day.

was whacked naturally, but She fought it off and didn’t sleep until we were well into our train trip home. The weather was kind to us today for our walk home from the station. I am thankful that we don’t have slings to deal with which is another thing I was told that turned out to be incorrect. So, both hands are bandaged for another 7 days and Charlotte is mastering the use of her fingers beautifully. She wants to feed herself  quite a bit and do everything that She normally does. There is no pain and the tingling has stopped which means I haven’t had to administer one dot of pain relief and She sleeps well.

As for me, there is something lurking, waiting to take hold. I have a slight, chesty cough. I’m guessing it is post op relief setting in. Whatever it is, it doesn’t feel like it will get much worse.

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