Have you ever tried to write a post with a balloon flying past your face constantly? Charlotte & her Nanna (my Mum) are having fun and so am I just listening to the laughter and I can’t help but join in when it is teasing me. Balloons have a mind of their own, don’t they? If it lands on the computer, I HAVE to move it, right?

Today has been a great day for sitting inside. We’re getting some beautiful, much needed rain. I had my first Accountability session with Mom Masterminds for a course some of us have taken onboard. Firstly, Mom Masterminds is my favourite cyberspace place to hang out. It’s an online WAHM site where you can get coaching, amazing resources & chat with wonderful like minded women. With the Accountability session, I had to enter the conference room and got a bit of a surprise seeing myself talking on a little screen at the top of my computer. Not sure I like that idea.

It’s now a different ‘today’.  I ran out of time last night to finish the post above. Playing balloons takes time. We, partner and I, went to a 50th birthday party. I reeeally didn’t want to go out, but we were committed. I am the driver for the most part. I suffer from NPS (Nervous Passenger Syndrome. lol) with some people, so better that I drive.

It was scary and I just wanted to turn around, go back home and give the car to Peter so he could head off alone. The rain was very heavy and at night it is impossible to see where the water has gathered. I didn’t go much over 80k’s for quite a bit of the journey. A LOT of water over the road in places.

I have to say that part of my worry was not being able to get back home because of flooding aswell as the driving. I haven’t spent a night away from Charlotte and I’m not ready to go down that track yet. The thought of being stuck somewhere really bothered me, but at least She was with Mum and they could always snuggle in together. My concerns, as always, were unfounded.

We had a lovely evening meeting new people, catching up with old contacts. I do also have a bit of anxiety these days around socialising. It comes and goes. Sometimes I can be one big, old party animal, sometimes I have to muster up every ounce of energy to get out there.

Today, I finally decided to make that docs appointment for Charlotte and myself that I have been putting off for yonks! We both managed to get into our local Medical Centre at a moments notice, with the same Doctor. Charlotte has been commenting on feeling dizzy from time to time for a few weeks now, but all checks complete, the Doc suggested we just play it down. He is a trusted and well known doctor in the area, so I’ll take his advice, but still keep an eye on things. For me, I just want to check all is okay. There are some good reasons for my exhaustion, but just want to make sure there is nothing sinister going on. I have to go back on Tuesday for some blood to be extracted!. I used to bushwalk & cycle. Not in a fanatical way, but far more than I do now. Trouble is, I’m too exhausted to do anything about it. lol It’s such a catch 22. I KNOW, the evidence is clear, that good, heart pumping exercise will help my energy levels. There is a record going on in my head and it’s been there since I was pregnant : get some exercise, get some exercise! It’s getting louder and louder

It’s another great indoor day and Charlotte is playing beautifully on her own as I write and the wind has picked up considerably outside. We’ve certainly had some huge blows this Winter/Spring. It’s also very cold again. The wood fire is making the house cosy. Peter is snoozing in holiday mode, Mum is still here and doing the dishes.  It’s always nice to have a break from dishwashing. We have some overnight visitors tomorrow, one of them being a playmate for Charlotte albeit a much older one around 8 yrs old. All is well and rather peaceful.

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