It’s no secret that one of my favourite places to be online is MomMasterminds and I am doing the Blog Internship with Kelly McCausey. When I check into the forum there to catch up on the news, ask questions and learn more <img class="alignright" style="border: 0pt none;" src="http://farm1.static en france” border=”0″ alt=”GIRL ON BEACH” width=”153″ height=”240″ />
from the wonderful women, I see that quite a number of them get together for various business functions.

Now, that is a problem for me to participate in seeing as I am all the way over here in Australia and they are mostly from Canada and America. When these functions are talked about, I have this longing  to want to be there meeting up in the flesh. I feel quite isolated.

Finding local WAHM’s

Since getting together isn’t possible for so many reasons apart from the distance, I decided I needed to find some WAHM’s in my neck of  the woods. There must be some over here, surely? It’s funny how you can think something, then it comes together. As part of my research for the Blog Internship I came across the perfect place to be.

It’s called WAHM Network Australia. I headed straight there to investigate and liked what I saw, so I’m signed up and enjoying connecting with the community. It has the same warm, supportive feel to it as MM. I’m thrilled to have found this network of women and as it happens, one of  them lives not far away. In fact it’s a place we visit regularly for pizza nights with Peter’s brother and his family.

Future Possibilities

Looking to the future, I’m excited at the thought of getting together in person at some of  the meetups just as they do at MomMasterminds. It’s nice not to be feeling so isolated now.

I’m always open to getting together with other WAHM’s so if you are in West Gippsland or thereabouts leave a comment. I’m not into exclusivity, though, so I’d love to hear from you wherever you reside.

Happy Networking 🙂

Creative Commons License photo credit: Robin Hutton

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