I should never go more than two days without blogging. Even every second day can be too long. There’s too much to write about. I have a good reason for going that extra day, though. It was my full intention to check in here, but I was in bed at 9.30 last night feeling nothing short of exhausted. There was no blogging in me whatsoever.

I managed, thankfully, to drag myself outside late in the afternoon, though. Once the rain stopped I did some weeding. Gardening always brings a smile to my dial. It was wonderful also watching Charlotte digging for worms and fearlessly picking them up to show me. The other day, She had a few worms in some dirt on a table and was covering them up with a cloth and putting them to bed. Too cute.

Her Daddy and I don’t have a whole lot of fear with all things buggy, but unfortunately Charlotte does.  Anything that buzzes around or nips like ants, mosquitoes etc and She’s panicking, often in what appears to be an unreasonable way, but that’s to us grown ups.

To Charlotte the fear is real, so I just allow her to feel it and encourage her in some way to look at bugs differently. Trouble is, most of society just swats and kills, but Charlotte’s Mum can’t do that deliberately. Sure, if something nips me, the automatic response can sometimes be to grab at the bitten area, but generally, I’ll brush or blow the critter away. I’m sure if I was allergic to something it would be a whole different story, but I’m not and Charlotte isn’t.

Spiders seem to have a different effect. She’s curious about them and happy to watch us collect them in her bug catcher to pop outside. There is a mixture of curiosity and fear. Look, some critters do give me the creeps and some spiders more than others, but it’s not a phobia or anywhere close to it. That would also be another reason for me to swat & kill, but I’m the type of person that would rather search within to find out why the phobia is there and try to change it around. I guess the same goes for an allergic reaction, but that’s easy to say now, isn’t it because it isn’t an issue for me?

So, back to the exhaustion. It prompted me to get out and about no matter what todays weather and I felt like doing a Nursery crawl. It was very windy and chilly with it, but warmish in the sun. I did check up first on how the snow was holding up and given a poor report for our closest cross country skiing location, I decided we should head in the opposite direction and go to the beach.

On the way, was one of my favourite Nursery stops at Mirboo North. I splurged and purchased three plants which still came to well under $50, but hey, that’s a splurge for this gal and I’m mightily pleased, can’t wait to plant them, hopefully tomorrow. We then had a lovely cuppa after a play at the park with Charlotte and off to the beach we headed. There was another lovely Nursery at Inverloch and although I wasn’t intending spending more on plants, I still love just wandering, getting ideas.

But, the Nursery was gone. Not only gone, but it was as if it had never been. It is several months since I was last in the area, but I swear it was there then. I guess it must have slipped into a time warp or maybe I have. The latter feels very possible sometimes. LOL. So onto the township we went. Charlotte was blissfully asleep, so Peter stayed with her whilst I did the townie thing and checked out the wonderful gift stores about the place having some lovely and quite indepth conversations with the shop owners.

Back at the car, Charlotte awoke when I opened the door so it was time for the three of us to hit the beach for a great walk and some running, playing monsters and having treasure hunts. Then it was back to the park by the beach for more playtime. We all had fun on the equipment.

Charlotte & her Daddy. Inverloch, Australia.

Charlotte & her Daddy. Inverloch, Australia.

Night time was closing in and when the cafe I had chosen for dinner was closed, we decided take out by the sea was a much better option anyway.

Not long after arriving home at a very reasonable hour, Charlotte said She was tired and ready for bed. We’re lucky so far in that She is happy to let us know, but She is quite the party girl and can take in some pretty late nights at times.

Maybe in my next post I will let you know how I came to be blogging. I’m no techno chick, but am thoroughly enjoying the learning process and I am surprised that I have taken to computing like a duck to water just of late. Not in the understanding of things, but in the desire to get online and check out this new way of life.

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