I have noticed a very real pattern in myself when I’m home alone and able to get work done.

I go into avoidance mode.

Washing has to be done, dishes, sweeping, I have to eat, don’t I? But for me, this avoidance thing isn’t so bad. As I was hanging said washing, I realised that the best way to avoid avoidance is to allow myself to avoid things for awhile. LOL!

So I’m not REALLY avoiding, but whilst I’m going about those mundane chores, I am actually formulating my action plan in my head because another thing I realised is that I don’t know how to prioritize  my ‘to do’ list. Or, maybe I just avoid making a ‘to do’ list because it has never been high on my agenda before starting a business.

What ‘To Do’

Other than placing blogging first, then what?

Do I tweak my blog which has been on the backburner and is now a bugbear, do I read appropriate articles and put what I have learned into action, do my Blog Internship, study Aweber, PLR, SEO and the list goes on?

The great thing about writing about my dilemma, is that my ‘to do’ list is becoming clearer in my head. Blog Internship lessons are next and fine tuning my blog will be somewhere in there. It’s an ongoing process, but if I at least get going with it, it won’t be bugging me sooo very much.

So where are you with avoidance? Is it your friend or enemy #1?

Another friend or foe is stress, so I recommend making friends with avoidance, allow yourself to avoid for maybe 10 mins or 1/2 hr max, then get stuck into business and this might relieve some stress at the same time.

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