They (the ubiquitous ‘they’) say, if you’re stuck just do something. It is particularly true with Art projects and writing, for me. So, I’ve just started writing and we’ll see where it leads. I was sitting here wondering about tonights post with no real inspiration coming my way. It’s been a bit of a drab day really.

Charlotte has a temperature again and is very snuffly. It’s unusual for her to have this happen after only having been in the same predicament  just over a week ago although as I’ve mentioned in another post every 2-3 months She develops a temperature whilst her body is obviously fighting something off.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I sure hope She recovers quickly the way She normally does otherwise the big operation will have to be postponed and heaven knows how long we’d be on the waiting list for again.

I was busy on the computer until 2AM this morning and having to tend to Charlotte as She was having a restless night which was the beginning stages of her cold coming on, no doubt. I’m all done in and really can’t get my head around doing a long post tonight, so rather than rambling on about nothing in particular, I shall sign off and hopefully have a blissful nights sleep.

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