Well Hellooo to my poor, neglected blog. And Hellooo to you. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m excited to be back and more focussed than ever. I got lost along the way but after a little health scare that turned out to be ok, late last year, it kind of kicked my butt into ACTION.

A Brief Overview. VERY Brief!

I’m happy to say that an Internet/Affiliate Marketing program I’ve taken onboard is bringing in some mula and my first residual income is due very soon from this. I’m not dripping in money….yet…in fact, far from it but on my way. I’ve been taking action for a few months now and feeling pretty good about myself.

For literally years, I’ve been stuck in the learning phase with a bit of action taking here and there. A little bit just won’t cut it to reach financial independence, so I’ve been taking a lot more than ever before. I can always improve upon it so getting back into blogging is a good thing and part of my strategy. I’ve been ‘wanting’ to blog again for so very long and as I’ve been stuck in the ‘learning’ phase, I was also stuck in the ‘wanting to’ phase regarding my blog.

Here’s The Plan… (more…)

I have been decluttering (which is a fairly regular occurrence) and reorganising my home with help from my Mum 🙂 I’m feeling like I can’t conduct an orderly business if other areas of my life are not somewhat orderly. My head gets to a point where it feels like it’s going to explode! Now, I don’t mean so orderly that visitors are scared to move for fear of messing the place up but certainly more organised than things have been lately.

I don’t mind if there are lots of craft items about and a few toys or the odd book especially like the one I found here.  That isn’t clutter to me but a reminder that I have a beautiful child who loves to be creative. The type of clutter I’m talking about are clusters of paperwork, laundry and clothes not put away, clothes that are no longer worn, dishes in the sink.

There’s still a way to go and I have a room full of boxes that need to be unpacked, but at least boxes can be placed neatly together. I’ve been here for almost 6 months and my lease is due for renewal which means I’ll be signing on for another 12 months all being well, so I’ve deliberately not unpacked some things until I feel more secure here. (more…)

I decided to attend the 4 days of  World Internet Summit in Melbourne and today was day #1. It was a big decision for me but I knew I had to to do it. I decided to use Loral Langemeier’s motto of  ‘Just say YES then work out HOW’ or words to that effect.

My dilemma was little Ms Charlotte. There’s been a LOT of change in her little life over the past 12 months, so I was Joy ....
uneasy about  adding  anymore and attending the Summit meant being away from my girl for a fair whack of the four days. Leaving early whilst She’s sleeping, arriving back late when She’s possibly back in bed for the night. The max we’ve been apart is two days but I’ve still seen her in the morning, then later the following night.

So day one we were off to a difficult start. My fault, I kissed Charlotte goodbye one too many times which woke her up, but the lights apparently did it, too. I actually had to leave 45 mins later than I wanted because She was just crazy upset and I always promised myself I wouldn’t leave my child in such a state having had that done to me when I was younger. No blame being placed here. It’s just the way it was, but I have extremely clear memories of my own experience at 4 years of age. (more…)

Since my last post which was somewhat cathartic for me, I’ve decided to really start helping myself by flooding my mind with uplifting, LOA (Law Of Attraction) webinars, podcasts, video’s & books along with doing my homework for my Ebay training which is also run by a couple of inspiring folks and Aussies to boot. More on them at a later date. You name it, I want to listen to it and read it if it’s uplifting and/or has some educational value.

I have always loved reading autobiographies and wondered what makes people tick. Why are some folks wildly successful and others (myself included) strugglers and stuck? They seem to find their pot of gold in more ways than one. I don’t have the answers here, but I’m certainly learning some from other people

I’m sick of struggling and feeling stuck. For many years I’ve felt unfulfilled in life even when I’m doing amazing things. I’ve travelled the world and the old saying ‘wherever you go, you take yourself with you’ seems so appropos. In other words, my depression and way of relating in the world doesn’t go just because I’m travelling the world! And, no, I wasn’t ‘running away’. I was just living life and not so successfully at times. I won’t be too hard on myself.  Most people probably have some things they would do differently if they could revisit the moment. (more…)

I’d like to give a warm and excited welcome to 2012! Happy New Year to everyone reading this.

It’s now day 3 in my neck of the woods and I have a pretty good feeling about this year. Having a cheque coming from America from some Amazon Affiliate sales AND selling some things on Ebay to take me into the new year, is a pretty good omen financially speaking.

I can honestly say last year was my most unhappy year ever and although I’m not out of the woods emotionally by Lisaany stretch of the imagination, I have always (okay, NEARLY always, well here and there. lol. ) had a sense that I am living into a much better life once my inside world comes to terms with being slapped down again and again and once I’m ‘used to’ single motherhood. You have to get rid of the old, unsupportive energy coming from people and although the circumstances for doing so were and still are, extremely painful, I still know it is my time.

I’m heading up to 50 in approximately 17 months and it’s important to take the right people with me into the next phase of life. Some unsupportive people are unfortunately, still having to be in my life but I will keep them on the periphery as best as possible. Well, it’s just one person rather than some people really. I’m trying to be diplomatic for God knows what reason but it’s my blog so I’ll write what I want to aswell! lol. (more…)

Do you just look at your kids sometimes and become overwhelmed by their beauty? I did tonight whilst Charlotte was sleeping. She’d just awoken very restless and in tears which happens once every blue moon, then She fell back to sleep.

Sleeping treasure

Her little cheeks were red, lips full and big, blue eyes were closed (almost). Her eyelids weren’t quite shut and I could see Charlotte’s eyeballs through the slits. I’m just gobsmacked when I look at her and that’s not just tonight or only when She’s sleeping, of course. Our children are so precious and at the moment with all the life changes for us, it doesn’t take much to move me to tears.

Charlotte had her 6th birthday a few days ago and suddenly She’s so much more grown up. She was always at the very least, 2 yrs ahead of her time. One of those children that everyone said from birth including the nurses “Has been here before”. I used to look at my little bundle and always felt that She was so much older. It was an odd feeling, I can tell you, particularly when Charlotte had such a pixie face. People would ask which part of the garden She came from. Now that She’s 6, She seems to be going on 8 or 9 all of a sudden! (more…)

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve started writing over the past couple of months and just stopped. I’m currently adjusting to a new life, unexpected in the way it happened and somewhat unwanted, as I’ve  been tossed carelessly into the world of single Motherhood to 5 year old Charlotte which began on Valentines Day. Yep, that’s what I thought and think too! It’s a huge roller coaster of a ride and the learning curve is massive. The only way I can look at it through the deep, emotional pain is to take it as an education and some of  it will only enhance life as a business woman and on a personal level. Heading towards uncertainty

My friends, family, acquaintances and even strangers are unbelievably caring, helpful and acknowledging and I am able to lean on them. I also seem to be attracting the absolute right people into my life. Even Government agencies that I have to deal with are extremely helpful and understanding. Of course they can’t all be there in the middle of the night (that would make things a little crowded!) when I’m feeling dreadful but that’s probably a good thing for them at least.


Today is oppressive outside with smoke from fires that are miles away just hanging in the air, so it’s good to be indoors writing!

I mentioned a tiny bit in my last post about my partner not being able to eat certain foods. Before his stent operation he was given instructions from his doc to stop eating carbohydrates,  fatty meat & drinking alcohol. Fish & skinless chicken or turkey are fine. Once Peter is down to a manageable weight, he can start back on minimal carbs. and a bit of red wine is apparently quite healthy for you.

One of our meals. Not too shoddy!

Peter took the challenge on with gusto and his weight loss took place quite quickly. He’s lookin’ good. There are a  few kilos to go, but he will get there. People always have something to say about no carb/low carb diets. People always have something to say about anything really. Yes including me sometimes but I try to keep an open mind.  There seems to be a weight loss diet to suit everyone and at the end of the day if it works and you feel better for it, then you need to listen to your own body and go with it. I am not advocating going against your doctor or health practitioners advice here. Please don’t ignore their wisdom.

You do have to have a balanced diet and I see what Peter is eating now. And me by the way although in smaller quantities being a smaller person. I do enjoy these meals so much and have been known to go back for seconds. (more…)

At last!

After weeks of  waiting ‘The stent op’ took place  successfully today. I’m writing this at home after a very emotional day not helped in any way by my conversations with Peter into the wee hours (3 AM), then being woken again at 5 AM by little Miss Charlotte. Not for long, but woken out of a deep sleep.

Sony viejoPeter phoned the hospital BEFORE leaving this time. Highly recommended! We were able to leave later  for a midday booking rather than 10 AM. Once again, it was a hassle free journey and not raining this time which also made life on the road a fair bit easier.

Peter was whisked away quickly with me in tow for the pre meds, but after that things slowed down somewhat.  At least we knew the operation was going to happen. I kept asking Peter if  he felt dopey yet and his comment was ‘No more than usual’. I guess he could also have responded with “I don’t think dopey would like me feeling him”. Bad joke but I need the light relief at the moment! And it’s my blog so I’ll write what I like. lol. (more…)

Zucchini and two varieties of tomato. Part of the bounty from our garden

I got today’s blog inspiration whilst weeding and harvesting some of our veggies from the back garden last night. We just love going ‘shopping ‘ in the back yard. We also grow silverbeet, corn which doesn’t seem to be faring aswell this year perhaps due to the unusual tropical conditions in our part of Australia. We grow snowpeas or mange tout as they can be known. Plus different herbs : fennel, Vietnamese mint, chamomile (which is pretty to look at but I haven’t ever used it) & lavender for potpourri and to display in our vases.

Almost ready for our first harvest of grapes

The driveway is about to get messy.

AND we grow fruit which is dotted about the place : the grapes on the front porch and plums far too close to the driveway are not quite ready, but we’ve had some lovely rasberries and the thornless blackberries are ready but too bitter to eat. Maybe next year will be the year for them. Our blueberries are slow and the Gojiberry tree isn’t going anywhere, but you never know. It seems to be just hanging in there however lemons & limes are abundant!

I just came across this website called Aussie Gardening. Seems to have a lot of great resources.  I’ve only skimmed over it and will have to revisit. Enjoy and I hope you get inspired to grow your own fruit and veggies. It really is a rewarding way to live.

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